Career Change - Need Advice

  1. I am in need of advice regarding my nursing career, any advice would be much appreciated!

    Background: I currently work in a Surgical ICU for a large hospital in the area. I have only been there for 6 months, before that I was a telemetry/Progressive Care RN for the hospital for 1.5 yrs - so total of 2 years in the hospital. Nursing is my second degree with my first being business.

    Situation: I recently interviewed for a Lead RN position at a small infusion practice. There is usually only 1 RN working at a time, with 5 infusion rooms in the practice. I would be responsible for infusions, as well as making the schedule (for myself and the per diem RNs), and some various administrative/managerial duties for the office.

    Dilemma: I would love to leave the bedside - it's just not my thing. However, I am afraid of giving up my ICU position at a very stable and well-known hospital for a position at a very small clinic. I'm afraid that this will limit my career options in the future. On the other hand, this position could offer me managerial experience and get me away from poop forever (I just can't get used to that!). Plus, I think I might really enjoy infusion nursing. Am I stupid to give up my great job that I don't love?
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  3. by   Nccity2002
    Run for the hill...and never look back.
  4. by   floridaRN38
    Do the infusion management. And if u can also per diem at the hospital like 2 x a month. I know what u mean about the poop. Been an ER nurse for 6 years. It might be a little boring though going from ICU to a office job. And the clock will go by slow. I work once a week for a doc doing conscious. It's a little boring but pay is great. If it was full time I would probably leave the ER. Also it's a different kind of stress at an office. It is actually a nicer stress. I say GO FOR IT. GOOD LUCK!!
  5. by   CaliGrl1204
    Thanks for taking the time to read my long post and reply! I really appreciate it!