Anyone work for Coram as IV per diem nurse?

  1. HI.

    I am looking for any RN who currently works for Coram as a per diem nurse. I am thinking of applying but have many questions.

    Can I pick your brains please?

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  3. by   IVRUS
    I am not currently working for this company, but have done so in the past. Can I help you?
  4. by   RNfromSA
    Can I pm you please?
  5. by   IVRUS
    Yes pm me
  6. by   RunBabyRN
    I'm just about to start a subcontract position with them (based on my pt's orders), so I'd be curious to hear any input as well.
  7. by   kimjay
    I was trying to PM you, RNfromSA, but I guess I'm too new on this site to be able to PM. Just wondering what your experience has been with Coram?
  8. by   jifferte
    I currently work for them, feel free to PM me.
  9. by   Passion8RN