Bleach and C diff

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    I get a lot of push back (mostly from the environmental Svcs supervisor) at my hospital when I ask for some bleach cleaning of high touch surfaces when we have a high concentration of C diff patients on one unit. I do this of course, pro-actively, so that 6 months down the road we do not have a unit FULL of C. diff, and a bunch of staff who have also had the C. diff experience! (the supervisor always wants to clean with "coverage" which will just move the spores around!) If C diff was visible like Lice, I'd have a much easier time, I am sure.

    I was told though recently that one hospital has gone completely bleach free after a bad respiratory experience of the staff. Apparently they are using a different product that kills the C diff spores.

    I've been researching it, but can not seem to find such a product. Sooooooooooooo...if any knows of anything can you please share!

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    Where is your Infection control nurse? Or Infectious Disease Specialist? They are the ones who should be fighting this battle.

    Best wishes!
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    Errr, Merlee, I am the Infection Prevention Nurse. So yes, I am the one to be fighting this battle...
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    I remember being told during my microbiology class in December, about this 'new' product or procedure being used for c-diff. I'll have to dig out my notes and see if I can find the name of the product or procedure. From what I recall, I think it was being said by my micro teacher (heads up the lab in the hospital) that the product/procedure was expensive but very effective.
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    Thanks CT pixie. I personally love the smell of bleach, but...Hey I don't have COPD or pneumonia, or poorly controlled asthma....
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    I can't for the life of me remember the name of the wipes my ER transitioned to from clorox, but they come in a white tub with purple top and POP up dispenser for wipes. They had previously used wipes in a red lid tub but found out it was effective against everything EXCEPT c diff and switched to bleach. I personally can't stand the smell or film left by clorox wipes but loved the new purple top ones. The tub lists everything it kills which ranged from c diff and small pox to the flu and herpes viruses lol.
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    Nevermind, found the manufacturers website, it lists all of their different products
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    Oh I gave up! I fund a product advertised that would kill the C diff, but it's not even yet in trials to be approved by the FDA. SO.
    bring on the bleach.

    We have the purple top wipes, they do not kill C diff... of course it could be a different wipe that has a purple top.
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    Nope the purple top snaiwipes, kill lots of things, but not C diff. Bleach baby bleach.
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