1:1 to patient on airborne precations

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    I work in a hospital and recently we had a patient who was put on airborne isolation (Rule out TB). The patient is not on 1:1 but I was just wondering would you do it. Wearing N95 mask is so uncomfortable! Does anyone have such experience?

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    1:1 is not needed and the mask is to protect you no matter how uncomfortable it is. This pt should also be in a isolation room and not be roomed with any other pts until cleared.
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    The patient is on airborne isolation but not on 1:1. I posted this topic so that people who have done 1:1 to a patient on airborne precautions can share their experiences.
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    The point is that they do not need 1:1 for airbourne.

    I work an immunosuppression unit with great ratios, and never seen 1:1 for airbourne.....in fact, for some treatments, we are required to use the hepafilter machines with hoods,
    gown, glove and shoe covers, and it still does not make it 1:1.

    We do often have them as ICU, which may make them 1:1. And I have spent 4-6 hours at a time in the room with all the above gear and the hepafilter/hood. You learn to deal with it. Though, I sweated like the dickens.
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    1:1 for airborne precautions is totally not needed. In fact, You would be sitting around most of the day, unless your patient was also a very very ill ICU patient. And the N95 mask may be uncomfortable, but getting the disease the patient has would be a lot more uncomfortable over time.

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