Indiana State University online FNP program

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    Does anyone have any information or tips on going to FNP grad school online with Indiana State University? Please share your good and bad experiences with me.

    Thank you!


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    I can not wait to be where you are!
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    I'm not sure will let you know!! Just got accepted for fall 2014!!!
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    Same here. Received acceptance email yesterday for fall 2014 FNP.
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    Rosannache we need to talk!!! I received my email yesterday too... So excited for the both of us!!!! If you want to trade contact info I am more than willing!!!
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    [COLOR=#003366]2content4u[/COLOR] Glad to hear from you. Don't know if we can post our email address here or not. Where are you? I'm in CA.
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    I'm in Florida..
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    I think we can...
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    My email is rosennache... Email me so we can talk..
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    I emailed you!
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