Does anyone know about the LPN to BSN program through Indiana State?

  1. Hello,

    I'm an LPN and I'm wanting to get my RN, BSN, plus I want to do it online. I was just curious if anyone has done or is currently in that program. I'm trying to find my best fit, and nursing school was hell the first time around, and this time I would like for it to not be so horrible. Thanks guys!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to the Indiana State University online program.

    The program is not acceptable in all states, you need to check if the program is accepted in your state by the board of nursing.
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    I am doing an online program for my rn look me up on Facebook I can give u tons on information Samantha miller Bergman. It is accredited.
  5. by   k.willow
    I am currently working on my last year at ISU. Do you have any specific questions or are you just looking for an overview?
  6. by   sgraham
    I am just finishing up my LVN program in December and am almost certain I am doing ISU's program. I am very interested in hearing about someone else's experience through the program. I am hoping to apply in June for phase three and have a few reservations just going in blind! I am curious as to how the program works, how long it took you and how you feel about the knowledge you gained??
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    good question
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    I just got my "'conditional' acceptance" letter today for phase 3 of ISU bridge program, and I will be starting my last 12 courses for my RN, BSN in the Fall. I've done all the work required up to now to get in, taken my TEAS, and challenged the 4 LPN courses. I am confident that I will be successful, but I realize I have to stay focused. The challenge will come when I'm taking clinical courses, and finding preceptors (which I'm told are already in place) that I can work with to complete the requirements. I'm only going at this part-time, so only 2 classes at a time, and I'm paying as I go, so I won't have any debt when I'm done. But, I feel like it's the right thing for me.

    I am abit worried about the clinical aspect and I hope I find a good preceptor in my area that really wants to help me. I've been a nurse over 20 years and I'm alittle nervous but, I know that I'll be okay if I recognize my limitations and strengths, ask questions of my preceptor (give her/him the benefit of the doubt and stay positive) and be persistent in my studies. I study everyday, and I'm taking a pathophysiology class right now (400 level) which will be done next week (I'm getting an A). The TEAS was a breeze and the challenge courses difficult but I used TCN resources to prepare and passed the first time around with decent scores. I don't regret using TCN at all; I've been out of school a long time, so I felt that TCN would really help refresh my training and education from LPN school!

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    Hi vocationofalifetime,
    I was just wondering how everything was going in the program for you? What classes are you taking now?