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i just recieved this email from my bon. i'm not too worried, but i am curious as to why a law office wants the names and email addresses for all nurses in indiana.. hmmmm... has anyone else recieved a notice like this before??? (... Read More

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    Well I am all about public information, however I don't see why they want our email address. I think enough of our information is posted online. There are people with bad intentions and their are nutjobs out there. I worry about all of our safety.

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    [QUOTE=JustBeachyNurse;6627763], since she was denied her request for public records ( I wasnt aware that email addresses were considered public record, hence her request for release) and she has appealed,[/QUOTE

    "Brown Law Office, P.C. did not appeal the denial of its request by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency to the Indiana Public Access Counselor, but instead filed an action in the Marion County Superior Court"

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