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St. Vincent's

  1. 0 Hello all. I just recently got a job in the ER at St. Vincent's in Indianapolis. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the hospital? From what I know (and from what they are offering me) it sounds like it is going to be a GREAT opportunity.

    I've worked in a small ER for the past 4 years as an EMT/ ER Tech and am a bit nervous about moving up to a much bigger ER. I would appreciate any information or tips anyone has.


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    I have worked at St. Vincent's for almost 5 years and love it. It is a great place to work...the people are nice, there is a true family feeling there, and lots of opportunities if you want to go far. Good luck to you!
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    Hello! I've worked at St. Vincent Indianapolis since I graduated in May 2006. I also have several other friends that work there. We all love it! Like the previous poster said, everyone is nice. The hospital has been very good to me.

    I don't know anything specifically about the ER unfortunately.
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    i did a clinical rotation through st v in surgery as a student surgical technologist. it was a great place and the people were wonderful!!! i do not know about the er.
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    I worked in the peds Er there. It was a great place to work.
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    I could not stand St. Vincent's - I felt overworked constantly!!! I worked on 2 units there and came near to having a nervous breakdown and/or killing myself because of all the negative feedback that I got. I live less than a mile from there and would never consider going back after all the bad things that happened to me there!
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    i'm getting ready to start working there as a new grad. can you say why you hated it? i've heard a lot of great things about it, but was just wondering your oppinion? thanks!
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    Just felt overworked constantly! On CVPV, had 8-10 patients a day sometimes with only an LPN, this went on for a year and then I transfered to ICU, same issues, no patients were ever a 1:1 and it was just too busy without appreciation from management.
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    I work in CVTR. I pick up time in ICU and it's ok. Not my favorite place. I HATE floating to CVPV. They are never adequately staffed. 3 South is rough too but at least they staff a little better. I think it just depends on what floor you're on.
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    What are the good floors there, in your opinion?? I seem to have not worked them!!
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    I heard that people enjoy working on the oncology floor.
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    Quote from diarygirl512
    What are the good floors there, in your opinion?? I seem to have not worked them!!
    PICU and PEDS ER were really good floors when I was there 4 years ago
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    I've worked on oncology at st. v's and loved it!! the people are wonderful and ratios are pretty good most of the has a great nurse retention. Unfortunately I had to move away or else i'd definately still be there.

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