New Ivy Tech RN/LPN students for Jan 2011

  1. Hi Everyone,Just wanted to start a new post for all of us who just got in the program for this coming January. Would be great to chat with others about our experiences. Personally, I am excited, nervous, scared. Has anyone signed up for classes yet? If so what are you taking? Any advice will be greatly appreciated from those who have travelled this road before us. Am at the FW campus and would love to get to know some of my fellow classmates beforehand too.
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  3. by   Infinisynth
    Madison student here, I signed up for classes yesterday. Orientation was Wednesday and we had some upperclassmen come in and give us some helpful study advice. I got my drug test done but still need to get the physical and vaccines etc. A friend of mine that's in the program recommended getting a good stethoscope so I purchased a Littmann master cardiologist from Amazon. It sucked spending all that $$$ but it will be a good investment. I am a little nervous about pharmacology class. During orientation they kept stressing how difficult that class is.
  4. by   sunnysideup09
    Make sure to put your name somehow on your sucks to lose your stethoscope especially if you spend a lot of money. There are times you have to put your stethoscope down and anyone can pick it up.
  5. by   Infinisynth
    Yeah, I've been reading a lot on this message board about how stethoscopes walk off. I'm really gonna try to keep it on my person at all times, I'm also gonna etch my initials in it with a scribe.
  6. by   travelcat18
    Hi and Congrats to you on getting in to the program! I started the ASN program this fall, so I'm almost through my first semester. It's been pretty tough, but my advice to you is to get organized right from the get-go...find a system that works for you. There will be stuff due at various dates for various classes and you don't want to miss anything. Also, I guarantee you will be overwhelmed at the amount of reading that is assigned to's unreal...just find your niche and go with what works. I've found I don't need to read everything (mostly just skim and focus on parts I have trouble with). Also, my study habit of choice is to use flashcards. It helps me learn just by writing the info as I go, then going through the flashcards over and over.

    Good luck!!!

  7. by   Hopetoheal
    Thanks for the great advice, Travelcat! I keep hearing things about how difficult things are the first semester. My advisor said that it gets better after that. Still a little unsure of myself. Is there anything that you wished you would have brushed up on or reviewed before starting nursing program? Somehow I don't feel prepared for whats to come. Really feel silly to be doubting myself at this point but I realize now more than ever that eventually someones life may be in my hands. Wow!
  8. by   whitn23
    Hey guys! This is my first post here but have been reading for awhile. I was accepted to both Kokomo's RN and Lafayette's LPN but declined Lafayettes offer. I haven't seen a whole lot of people who are going to Kokomo! I will say that I'm super excited to get started!
  9. by   erimoj01
    Hey guys!! I will be an ASN student in Gary this January and am very excited to start but I am also scared!! I went to orientation on 11-8 but our classes were not in the system yet so I don't know what classes I will be taking yet. For now I am trying to get all the other stuff like the physical and shots done...but pfew, it's alot!!
  10. by   LuckyGirlSuze
    Hello Fellow Students! I'm starting in Jan at the Terre Haute campus. Our orientation is not until the second week in December because it took them so long to get the letters out! I am very nervous and very excited. I am not from the area so I don't know any of my classmates. Can't wait to meet everyone! I would love to find a serious study buddy early in the year so we can succeed together!
  11. by   Shquidly
    I will be doing the LPN at the Bloomington campus in Jan. I have done my background check, drug test, and the first of my TB tests and I am signed up for all of my classes. From what my schedule looks like it seems like I am not going to be able to work very much but I guess that is for the best. I am super excited to begin! Good luck everyone!
  12. by   Hopetoheal
    Seems that January starting date is getting closer all the time. Getting really excited! Anyone purchase their scrubs and books yet?? Any thoughts on the sizing for scrubs (ours at FW are the khaki colored ones). What do you all think are the best white shoes as far as style and comfort? Also where is the best place to get our books? Ivy bookstore or elsewhere? Congrats again to everyone and the happiest of holidays!
  13. by   Shquidly

    I got my books mainly on amazon. The book lists that we were given at the Bloomington campus came with the isbn numbers and I was able to find most of my books for much cheaper online. One of my books I had to buy at the bookstore and I had to buy the lab kit at the bookstore.
  14. by   Infinisynth
    I found a nice, comfortable pair of white shoes at a Reebok outlet store for around $50. Madison got sent the wrong books so I'm still waiting for the correct one's to arrive. I'm a 210 lb. dude so I went ahead and ordered XXL shirts and XL pants to be on the safe side. I went ahead and shelled out the bucks for a Litmann Master cardio stethoscope, I look at it as an investment really. Got CPR class Monday.