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I've been a nurse now for about 11 months. I find it hard sometimes when looking for a nursing job in a hospital to find out the starting pay until the interview. So, why don't we use this post to... Read More

  1. by   LadyTiger44
    At IU as a graduate nurse I am going to be getting paid $21.75. From 7p-11p its $3.50 more, and 11p-7a, its $4.00 more and on the weekends $5.00 more. We don't get a raise if we pass the boards; if we don't pass we become a student nurse with a decrease in pay and if it came to be that you didn't pass a second time you would be terminated. They offer Kaplan with their orientation. I am not sure about tuition reimbursment. Methodist and Riley are offering the same.
  2. by   Pat_Pat RN
    $21/hr as GN, $22 after passing boards. Nights is 2.50, Weekends are $5. If you can get weekend option, it is another $12.50.
  3. by   Daisy7330
    At Methodist, IU or Riley, is there a difference in pay between ASN vs BSN for new grads?
  4. by   coltsgrl
    Quote from Pat_Pat
    $21/hr as GN, $22 after passing boards. Nights is 2.50, Weekends are $5. If you can get weekend option, it is another $12.50.

    May I ask which hospital this is, and is that 36 hours of pay, or 40, per week for the weekend option. I soooooo want that schedule! (I'm no competition though, I dont graduate for 2 more years, just curious!)
  5. by   LadyTiger44
    Quote from Daisy7330
    At Methodist, IU or Riley, is there a difference in pay between ASN vs BSN for new grads?

    As far as I have learned so far I do not think there is. I am pretty sure everyone starts out the same, and then like after three years you can move up your postition, or sooner if you have been a nurse somewhere else, they said it could be like 6 months and you would just talk to your manager about that. Then your pay would change. Then after that, you can move up one more position and for that you have to have a bachelors degree. I am not totally positive about this, but that is how I understood it-I have an ASN and the people I know who also got hired on at the same time I did also have ASNs. I would ask a recruiter. Hope this helps! :wink2:
  6. by   Daisy7330
    Thanks LadyTiger for the info.
  7. by   LadyTiger44
    Your welcome, if you have any more questions you can pm me. I just started working there on the 27th and I like it so far. We have only been though orientation lol, but I think that Clarian is a great group of hospitals!
  8. by   temacrn
    This is the thing that gets me. A nurse is starting out around 19-21 dollars an hour........ and think about how importaint and hard this job is. Do you think this is fair pay rate when other medical personel are comming out of college making 30+. Because without nurses there would be NO hospitals! And the other thing that gets me, is if you look on pay scale web sites, in 10 years we only average 24-26... So 10 years of hard labor and experience in a nurse is only worth 3.00!! When in many other fields it is worth sooo much more. I think nurses need to start thinking about these issues and raising some question with the powers that be!! I don't understand why our "leaders" the ANA don't even try to make changes in this matter. I am not sure exactly what the ANA does except collect dues for what I am not sure.. I think nurses need to come together and find someone to represent us. I mean do you honestly think some of these hospital executives that make 6 figures a year would clean someones butt or pack a dressing for 19.00 and hour? Just a thought......
  9. by   chocolateskye
    Methodist (gary/merriville) starts all of their new grads off at 23.03 an hour that is what I have been told. I was also told that it was not negoticable.
  10. by   slynn117
    When I started at the VA in Indy about 2 yrs ago I think I started out at around $49,500/yr. base pay. Plus we get 5 wks. vacation a year, we accrue sick leave from the day we start, up to $40,000 tuition pay back (over 5 yrs), and they do not make nurses go home and use their time or not get paid if your unit is overstaffed! It is a great place to work and in 2yrs I have gotten a $12,000 raise!!! Can't beat it!
  11. by   obicurn
    I've been looking into area hospitals and I can't believe I overlooked the VA!! I'll be checking into that. Thanks for the info!
  12. by   kgle
    So question...there was all the info about WEO and an additional $11-12. Is that only in addition to base or does that include the night and weekend shift diff? Either way its a great start to the career, but I was confused by the wording!
  13. by   AprilNK
    temacrn, I agree with you that the pay isn't very good in comparison to our roles. However, I wanted to give you a little bit of a comparison in pay and cost of living. I am from Indiana and am familiar with the cost of living and the pay. 19-20 dollars per hour starting out may not seem like much but I now live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and will be graduating in May from an RN program. The cost of living is much higher (we pay $1200/month mortgage on a 3br/2ba 1400 sq ft house with a small yard and it's right in town. But I will most likely only be making around $24 tops when I start working. The one thing that I will say we do have going for us pay wise is that our shift differentials are pretty significant. But pay is all relative to your area. So 20 bucks per hour in most parts of Indiana isn't all that bad. For the cost of living here, nursing wages are pretty low when compared to other regions of the U.S. with comparable cost of living.