Need help on choosing a nursing program

  1. Hi all,
    I need some help deciding on a nursing school. I have been accepted to both Loyola Chicago and Purdue (West Lafayette campus, not the Calumet campus) nursing schools. Both are direct entry programs; however I cannot decide which is better. I have looked at the US News reviews and both are ranked #50. I am wondering if clinical rotations will be better at one or the other and also if one name is more well-known than another...thus helping me in the future when I search for a job. I would GREATLY appreciate any input anyone can offer on these two schools.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    In terms of job search-- it will make absolutely no difference at all. Make your selection based on money, as in "What's it gonna cost me to go to this program?", where the clinicals are in relationship to your commute (with the understanding that they may change), and how awesomely cute their unis are (just kidding about that, but hey, I've heard students say how very important that is to them )

    Congratulations on your acceptances! We need you out here!
  4. by   useronexyz
    Thank you.
  5. by   useronexyz
    Can anyone in either of these programs (Loyola Chicago) or Purdue (West Lafayette) nursing share their clinical experiences?
  6. by   greeknurse12
    You will get an 100x better clinical experience being in the city of chicago, where some of the best hospitals are, at Loyola University. Purdues clinicals aren't held at well known hospitals.

    Loyola is a great school.
  7. by   ChrisMarie09
    Loyola is a great school. If I were going off of clinical experiences alone, I'd go with that. But also take into account the cost of living in Chicago. Not just rent, but gas, eating out, extracurriculars, ect.
  8. by   Esme12
    Purdue is also a great school......I think Calumet has better clinicals considering the surrounding facilities. I'm a Purdue grad (I have been at both campuses) and I think is a phenomenal program....and prefer Calumet