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Hello Everyone I start the LPN program in January at Medtech College (Indianapolis)and one of things the director told me didn't quite sit right with me. She said she had receieved an email from the lady who does career... Read More

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    here in dallas they start at $20/hr in the longterm care.
    i don naw abt hospitals.

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    Like the other posts mentioned, all depends where you wok. Here is Bloomington, they offer about 22 in a LTC facility; Bloomington hospital is not hiring LPN's anymore as they are truying to get magnet status, thus all they wil have in a few years are RN's and doctors office pay the lowest...about 12.00 an hour.

    When I was in Canada, I was paid 27.00 in hospital, plus 2.00 shift diff; plus 14% in lieu if benefits. So it was a nice tidy sum. It was a little lower in the nursing homes but not much. They pay their nurses very well up there and the nursing turnove in jobs is almost zero. Once you get hired, you stay untilyou retire. They pay RN's according to a scale. 1-10. 1 being just out of school and 10 being after 10 years expeience. Well the most senior nurses are making over 75,000 a year.

    Does any one know which state pays the best for RN's???
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    The highest paying states for nursing are New York and California... Pennsylvania, Arizona & Colorado also pay quite well in the larger metro areas.
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    (DNS in NM) We hire brand-spanker LPNs for 19 an hour. LTC
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    When people are looking at the pay scale they should also look at the cost of living in that area. How much house can you get for $100,000? How much is car fuel? Are you using heating oil or electric? How much of your health insurance is your employer going to pay? What is the cost of food in that area? How far must you travel to the nearest large shopping area?
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    Excellent reply! We were thinking of moving to Florida a few years back but the home-owners insurance skyrocketed which quickly changed out minds. Health insurance is also a huge must-know benefit especially if you are the only breadwinner for your family.
    Good points!!!
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    I'm in the southern part of Indiana.
    Here it's $12/hr HH & $14 LTC.
    Not sure about hospital, though.
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    I am moving to southeast Indianapolis,I am looking for a nursing job,that cares about there staff. I have been a LPN since 1992. I have work 16 hours,12hours and few 8 hours shifts. I like 12 hours nights. I had the best place working near south bend,but a new DON came in and took it all away. But I have to leave not because of her( I think things will work out it is just to fresh deep cuts, they will heal.) Husband is ill,have family down in Indy who will help me. thinking about Miller's, or assisted living "autaum glen" I make 18.55 in my area with my years expience. there is west minster in Lawence It looks very clean. Help moving in March 2012
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    yes, im looking for jbs in the nrthwest area.perhaps 12 hr shifts it doesn't matter

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