Jobs in the Indianapolis area?

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    I've heard it's almost impossible for a new RN to get a job in the Indianapolis area right now? Is this true? Should I start packing?

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    You may try Clarian Health and St.Vincent
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    Very tight market in the hospitals not sure about the LTC facilities. Jobs to be had but lots of applicants. I have worked almost a yr. different climate then though.
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    I used to work at Methodist on 2N/3N and they were always hiring. I would def recommend there, or any other unit at Methodist. It's a great hospital.
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    could anyone help me out! im a new graduate nurse, i passed my nclex so the next step for me is to find the job... i dnt know where to look.. what requirements should i have etc etc?? and does anyone know any appropriate seminars and training and such for someone like me..
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    How's your job hunt going? I'm looking for a new RN job on Indy NE side or towards Fishers/Noblesville.
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    @beckieJ. I've been getting calls from recruiters.. So i think so far its good tmrw i have an intervw for a nursing home hope that goes well!!
    You have 4 years of EXP theres lots of oppurtunities for you have you tried looking in community health network? And also take a look at thr IU health website..
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    IU Health is hiring to capacity right now, especially at Methodist. We have had high census lately and they are bringing in new grads like crazy. Check out the website.
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    Hello! Just to let you know, most of us grads from 6/2010 work in nursing fact all but two of us are in nursing homes. (I got a job in a doctors office) Most hospital jobs are requiring a BSN (I have ASN) or two years experience. I've just been applying everywhere and keeping my fingers crossed!

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