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  1. I am hoping to get into Ivy Tech next fall. I am finishing my co-reqs right now. I live in the Indianapolis area and am trying to decide which campus I want to go to. I have heard that Columbus and Greencastle are on probation, so that leaves me with Indy and Bloomington to choose from.

    I have a friend who at the Indy campus and I have heard nothing but horror stories from her over the Ob and Peds portion of the curriculum. She advised me not to even go to Indy because of the high fail rate for this class. I talked to a few other people who said the same thing. They said that it is pretty much self study- the instructors do not lecture in class. They said you don't get your schedules until the first day OF class and that the homework is ridiculous, also that the tests are extremely difficult. They told me that you will have a quiz over NEXT weeks stuff before you are even tested over the current material. (what???). this seems kind of crazy, I can't imagine this class would really be like this. she did say that the OB part isn't so bad, but it is mostly the PEDS part. I am going into nursing, in hopes to do Peds but I am afraid this program will ruin it for me.

    Does anyone have any advice? I think I have convinced myself to try for Bloomington. I have a 90 in my teas, and all A's. I guess I am hoping that someone can tell me it's not as bad as I've heard.
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  3. by   Lennonninja
    4 As and a 90 TEAS should get you into Bloomington. That's the same score that I had. At Bloomington, we do actually have lecture in Peds/OB class. I heard that Indy does Peds/OB in 8 weeks, and then Med Surg the other 8 weeks. Bloomington has both classes all 16 weeks, so it's the same amount of information spread out over the whole semester from both classes. It seems to be working well for people in my classes. Peds/OB isn't my interest area but I'm getting a good grade in there and we're almost to midterm so...

    We do have clinicals split up though, 8 weeks of Peds/OB clinical and then 8 weeks of Med Surg clinical so we only have one clinical at a time.

    This is for fall start people like me, I think Spring start will have it a little different since they will be doing these classes over summer semester.

    I'm happy at the Bloomington campus, so if it's not too bad of a drive for you, I'd at least apply and give yourself the option!
  4. by   sunnysideup09
    Here are my thoughts - the lectures are provided to you in audio format prior to the class. So, I wouldn't believe everything you hear. Okay, so lectures aren't face to face, but I wouldn't say you're not lectured to, since you technically are. And the preclass quiz - if you just look at the PPTs they provide for you, you can find the asnwers. They actually tell you to look at it, so I wouldn't get freaked out about it. It is an easy 10 points each week. 5 questions and you get 10 minutes...plenty of time to look up the asnwers. Also, would you rather get an easy A and not pass boards or work hard to get a B and pass boards? I would rather know I will pass boards and sacrifice my 4.0 GPA.

    In Indy, sure you may not get your schedules until day one, but all of us were told that from day one in orientation that you may not know your schedule until day one. Blackboard isn't even available, so I don't expect my schedule. I have just learned to be flexible.
  5. by   MasonsMommy
    Indy has the highest NCLEX pass rate, so even if you have to work harder it's worth it. I wouldn't pick another campus based on what you've heard. I'm interested in OB, just took OB/Peds and did fine. I usually earn A's, got a B in this but am walking away with so much more knowledge. Sure it was a lot of work but you learn how to manage your time. If anything, the course confirmed that OB is the area I want to work in. Nursing school is a challenge, but so is nursing! Good luck to you!
  6. by   finallypassed10
    I was not successful in this course with my first try. I admit, many nursing courses came easier to me, but I really struggled in this course. First of all, the material was not interesting to me, because I don't like children and babies. I was also working 30+ hours every week. That is one thing I learned you CANNOT do and be sucessful. I took this course in the Spring of 2009 and then again in Fall 2009. I was able to have the "lecture" (live lecture) in the spring, and in the fall the instructors changed the format to podcast lectures and activities in the fall. At first I thought I would HATE this format, but found that if I listened to the podcasts, and reviewed the objectives before going to class, I actually understood the material better and the activities reinforced the information. The tests are difficult in this class, but not as difficult as the NCLEX. I was angry that I failed the first time around, but was thankful to both the instructors that they taught me what I needed (time management and critical thinking skills) to pass NCLEX. I am grateful to both of them!
  7. by   kgle
    Well for one, Columbus is not on probation and this was confirmed by the school.
  8. by   csab
    Having quizzes at the start of the week before the material is even covered is not unique to OB/Peds (which I have not had yet). The labs for Fundamentals and Med Surg I, at least, have quizzes due by Sunday night before that week starts. I assume it is the same for other courses as well. Those quizzes are at home, on blackboard, and thus are open book. They are really not such a big deal.

    I have heard that OB/Peds at Indy is definitely challenging, but not as horrendous as some of the horror stories floating around out there. I will have it this summer and am looking forward to it because OB is my interest area.
  9. by   IndyIvy
    What did u decide? Where did you apply?

    Ob and Peds is nothing like you've been told. There is a lot of information to be covered in a short amt of time and that is NOT The instructors faults. The OB instructor is excellent. Indy has really wonderful clinical opportunities.

    Don't listen to what anyone else says. The person you talked to is ONE person. I had the class and I enjoy it. so now you've talked to one person who disliked it and one person who liked it. everyone has opinions....you know the saying. =)

    I remember being really nervous about getting in, and which program to choose.You have good scores and grades so I'm sure you will get in with no problems.

    Good luck!!
  10. by   csab
    IndyIvy--have you heard at all that the books are changing for the upcoming OB Peds class?
  11. by   IndyIvy
    csab- I'm not sure what is going on with the books. I would check with the bookstore.

    Are you taking summer classes? Class doesn't start until June so you've got some time. I am sure you'll get an email from the instructors. If the books are changing, they would know.