Ivy Tech - Fall 2012

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    Thought I would start a thread to see how many people were applying to Ivy Tech's Fall 2012 nursing programs.

    I will be applying to the Fort Wayne campus. Looking to see if they are any others out there who might be joining me.

    Please feel free to post where you are applying, and then once those letter get mailed out at the end of May, let us know if you got in!

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    I am applying at the Elkhart Campus this year. I'm hoping and praying I get in! Best of luck to you!
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    Thanks. Good luck to you to!
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    I'm applying to Lafayette's RN program. Also interested to see if anyone else is applying there too? Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi all! I am applying to the Anderson / Muncie campus for the LPN peogram only. I didn't have time to take math 136 yet. I am hoping to transition to RN right after. Now the waiting game begins!
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    hello all.....isn't the wait fun? lol

    i have applied for ASN at Sellersburg, Bloomington and Columbus in that order. i applied with all A's and an 83.3 on the Teas. I was shooting for an 87% but the science section was really tough! i really hope i make it in. i turn 40 this summer and i've dreamed of being a nurse for a really long time.....i spent too many years afraid to give up a good job and pursue my dream, so i guess it's now or never.

    goodluck to all who have applied.....i know why there is a 2 month wait, but waiting is not my strongpoint!
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    I am super nervous about my application to the Lafayette Ivy Tech Campus. It is the only place that I am applying. I am going for the ASN program. I have all A's in the prerequisites and then an 80 on my TEAS giving me a 170/190 points. I'm hopeful but I am starting to get stressed. May 31st cannot come soon enough.
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    Hi all Wanted to jump in here and have some others to be crazy with during the horrid wait for the LETTER! I applied to the Evansville campus. I applied to both ASN and the LPN. Good luck to you all!!!
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    Ugh the wait is horrible. Is it May 31st yet?
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    I think I finally figured out why they wait until May 30th to mail letters instead of right after the end of Spring semester.

    Spring semester ended Sunday (5/6/12), the current we are in (5/7 thru 5/11) is a week off for faculty. The following week (5/14-5/18) is known as non-instructional week. This is probably when they are finally getting the remaining scores together and they also have to deal with students who want to register for summer semster at the last minute. PLUS they have to prep for their summer classes. Then you have the first week of classes (5/21-5/25), which we all know is crazy as all get out.

    The following week, which is the second week of classes, is a bit more laid back and they can finally get the letters out.

    It could be a stretch or me just trying to rationalize the long wait! LOL Just a thought I had.

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