Ivy Tech Fall 2011 Waiting on THE letter

  1. I've been reading "allnurses" for several years, never thinking I'd reach this point. So, I never registered. However, after 2-years of night classes the dream of nursing might become a reality. Now, the wait for acceptance/denial begins. It's all come to this point for many of us.

    Several years ago there was a forum where people were waiting on THE letter. Why not have one for the folks waiting on 2011? If there IS one I missed it.

    We're all in the same boat, all waiting on the letter, and wondering if there was a minor detail overlooked. Was the score high enough? Did my transcript fall through the folder, then get swept under the desk? (That one woke me up last night) In my case, my brain can handle the wait...my stomach/intestines are not doing so well.

    Thought this might be a nice thread to vent, support, and otherwise worry with each other for the next couple of months. Near as I can tell, it's going to be 74 days, give or take, before we all know....one way or the other.

    Best of luck and keep prayin' I know I am!
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  3. by   tjwillis
    I'll join you in the wait. I've sent most of my apps off, have 2 more to send.

    My teas wasn't as high as many I've read on here but I've taken it twice and it was the best I could do. I have the A's so I'm just crossing my fingers.

    Where have you applied? I've applied to Bloomington, Greencastle, Terre Haute, Lafayette, and Indy. Still need to go to Columbus (you have to do that one in person) and need to get an app for Anderson.

    My score with grades and teas is a sad 161.22. (4 A's, and 71.22 TEAS)
  4. by   Rhubarb J.
    TJ....Good luck! I took the day off from work and drove to Indy and Kokomo today. Already have the application in for Anderson. I'd not visited the Indy campus until today, but was very impressed. The folks in Kokomo also seemed extremely nice. It will be about an hour drive most anywhere....got to love country living!

    I wouldn't get discouraged, though, with the 161. Ya just never know. I thought the TEAS was hard, despite what people are posting on other sections . I think this year was a learning curve for the TEAS. I just glad I survived Math 135....everything seems easier after THAT mess....
  5. by   eroswell
    I am turning in my application this week in Indy but Im pretty sure that it is pointless. I think I have 166.7 points but I am going to try anyways. I did not put that much effort into studying for TEAS V, hence my low score of 76.7%. So now I'll sit back and try to not go crazy as I'm waiting for "the letter!" Good luck to all of us!!!!
  6. by   Rhubarb J.
    It's odd, isn't it, that after all the classes, exams, and projects....it comes down to one big test? I was in a boring meeting today thinking about "the letter." Which is still more than 2 months away. Keep hope, though, eroswell, as my mom has always said, "if it's ment to be it will be."

    I think scores range all over the place this year and it's hard to know a "good" from a "bad" score.
  7. by   Faypha
    Hello! This is my first ever post at All Nurses (or anywhere)! I applied at Kokomo, Anderson, Indy, and Lafayette. My TEAS score was 72 even. That test was a killer! I studied for a long time and just did not do well. My problem is that I have taken it twice and cannot take it again for two years. I don't think that I will get in ASN and I wasn't planning on doing PN until I saw my TEAS score. I have 161.8 overall. Interested to see how every one else has done on the TEAS! Good luck to you all!
  8. by   Rhubarb J.
    The "word" on the street is the Indy program will be accepting MORE people this fall because of a study they are conducting on the using simulators for training. One of the posts speculated they may increase the program from 60 to 90 students for this year. Which would be good for all of us

    Who knows. I wouldn't lose hope. There are lots of people taking the test this week.
  9. by   ladytee2010
    Well, I am very discouraged at this point my Teas score was so low I don't even want to mention it. I really messed myself by waiting so long to take the Teas and thought I would do way way better than what I did. I feel kind of dumb at this point Not too mention I have 2 B's and 2 A's. I don't know what I want to do now because I know there is no hope for me at this point, but I will try to keep hope alive! And put it in God's hands. Good luck to everyone. When do they send out the acceptance letters? And if you are not accepted do you still get a letter or no response means no acceptance?
  10. by   Hopeful-One
    Hello everyone! This is my first post on allnurses also. I am feeling very discouraged, at this point I have A's in all the prerequisites and a 76.7% on my TEAS. That gives my a total of 166.3 after its been tallied. I have applied at lafayette campus only. I am hoping and praying that it is good enough! I have worked so hard and nursing is my life long dream. Good luck to everyone I hope we all get in!
  11. by   Rhubarb J.
    In reading posts from past years of folks waiting on THE letter...it seems they start hitting around May 30th. I read some folks were waiting until the first bit of JUNE! I think my heart can take it, but doubt my stomach is up to the challenge...

    I'm keeping a good thought. Ladytee, from what I've heard you are not alone. I think the scores are all over the place this time around and a lot of people are taking the TEAS this week, too. I really don't know, though, it they send out letters if you're not accepted. This is my first try, too..

    Remember, even if someone is accepted, they still have to pass a 13X math this summer if they haven't taken it....and the class is HARD. I've heard they have an "alternate" list, but I don't know for sure...
  12. by   Hopeful-One
    I think that it will be very nerve wracking this time around because we really don't know what a "good score" is. I do know that the majority of the people I know of have scored between 65-75%, and a few people in the 80's. Very few people are sharing scores though. Also, I am taking Math 136 right now and it is really tough but I am not a math person at all! I guess what my point is that try not to be discouraged because you think you have a "bad score" because that may not be the case at all!
  13. by   Rhubarb J.
    Hopeful...I COMPLETELY agree about the scores. It's hard to know and I think people are really reluctant to post their numbers until after April 1st. Guess people are worried about a stampeed to schools with "lower" scores. Who knows. :icon_roll

    I feel sorry for one person on the Ivy Tech discussion board who can't get her high school transcripts this week...because the school is closed for Spring Break!

    Probably next week people will start comparing scores and trying to get an idea what is "good" and "bad," but I doubt anyone will know until the letter either comes or doesn't....
  14. by   Hopeful-One
    I hope you are right because I really would like to know what kind of points are needed! All this uncertainty is enough to drive someone nutty! I didn't think it would be this hard to wait, I envisioned myself being very patient... LOL! I would like to think that since no one is posting, it means that everyone scored low on the TEAS and doesn't want to share their grade... I know this is probably not the case but I keep hoping (as terrible as that sounds)! I am just going to think happy thoughts and try not to develop an ulcer in the process!