IUPUI ASN - BSN Transition Spring 2013

  1. Anyone attending IUPUI in the Spring for the ASN-BSN transition? I really have no idea what to expect. Maybe we could set up a study group or something.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
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  3. by   Lennonninja
    I'm in the IU online ASN-BSN program. I'm technically through the Bloomington campus, but that doesn't mean anything with online classes. I've finished one semester so far and it's been really easy in my opinion.
  4. by   sargent46
    I've applied for the ABSN at IUPUI for 2013 Fall Semester and would love to know how it's going for you so far!! Any recommendations for those of us just applying?

    I'm very nervous about waiting until May to find out if I'm 'in' for 2013, because I keep hearing/reading how competitive the GPA requirements are. The advisor I met with before applying actually told me that the do NOT count the personal statement about career goals AT ALL. She said something like you could almost leave it blank because they only look at GPA.

    If there is anyone else out there waiting to hear for 2013, post here and we can keep each other updated! For anyone interested, my first degree was in French and Business Administration so I just completed A&P 101 and 102, Chem 111 as well as Life Span Development and Sociology at Ivy Tech Lawrence. I'm in A&P 201 this semester, to finish out my prereqs. I got all A's in my prereqs and had mostly A's for the rest of the classes, but I come from Ohio State University where we were on the +/- system and I have a lot of A-s! My application GPA was a 3.79 and will be just over a 3.8 with an A in A&P 201. The advisor said they saw a drop in applications last year and anything above a 3.7 should be competitive, but I keep reading here about people with 3.89s barely getting in....

  5. by   zack1a
    The thread is actually discussing the ASN to BSN program which is for those who already have a nursing degree. If anyone was wondering, since there really is no clinical space required, this program isn't competitive. The BSN program you're referring to, I assume, is for those who have a previous bachelor degree. It is competitive because you haven't completed any clinical hours yet. My best advice to you is to get an A in 201 since you must get As in 101;102; and 201 to transfer with an A in Anatomy and a A in Physiology at IUPUI. This is particularly important, because you'll probably drop down on the list since you're a buckeye. ; ) Have you received any free tatoos recently?Best of luck to you.
  6. by   sargent46
    Wow, I must be so eager to find others out there playing the waiting game with the ABSN at IUPUI that I missed the title of the thread! Hope the transitional program is going well!!
    Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I can't do anything more to downplay bleeding scarlet and grey on my application since I can't say I wouldn't hawk valuable paraphernalia to help support my family if I was also lining the pockets of the NCAA/OSU football machine, but I'll do my best to pull an A in A&P 201
  7. by   Vona86
    Hello Sargent46,

    I am currently in the ABSN and I graduate May 2014. It is very competitive The cut off for my semester was 3.7 but it is a great program and even though I am in my second semester I have learned so much! Every test you take is worded in a way that is the same as the NCLEX and the clinical aspect is amazing!

    P.S. IU Health Hospital offers a $15,000 tax free scholarship with a 2 year contract if you as an Accelerated BSN student!