Is this legal?

  1. Hey guys I graduated 5 months ago from a nursing school in Indiana. I still have not been allowed to take boards because my school will not release my certificate of completion to the state. They have have a NCLEX test prep thing that they want us to pass before they will release our info. Anyways I actually did it and you have to get a certain score to pass it. I ended up being 1% alway from what they want and they told me I would have to spend another month studying.

    So I got to thinking is this even legal for them to withhold my information. Technically i'm done with the nursing program, and even have my degree hanging on my wall. And this extra test prep is counting as continuing education.
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  3. by   Zazak
    I don't think it's legal
  4. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    From the information you are providing in your post, you technically have not 'graduated' from the school if you have not passed an important test that they require you to complete. As a part of their policy, they are not obligated to give you any type of certificate of completion(release of information?) until you satisfy that portion.

    I don't see anything illegal about it. Simply, you did not complete the program(that portion anyway, the extra test prep step), therefore, you are not qualified to sit for the NCLEX according to them and even the state's BON since you do not have a certificate of completion(release of information?). The school has to adhere to the policies of the state BON.

    I suggest you abide by their suggestion. Use that month of study to really improve yourself. Don't just try and meet the percentage they require for you to pass, but go above and beyond it. It can only help you when you sit for the NCLEX and improve your chances on passing it, since I am sure the test you are taking (I am considering it might be the HESI?) is closely related to the NCLEX.

    Best of luck.
  5. by   uncledaddy
    It was not a requirement when I signed up for the 2 year program, students used to test 2 weeks after our last semester. This is something new they sprang on us a month prior to our last day of school.

    Its been 5 months now and only a handful of students have got their certificates. And i have a letter stating "he has successfully completed all academic requirements and is consider a graduate of the program".

    Alot of my classmates are just as frustrated as me and we are starting to look around to see if there are any legal actions we can take against our college to get them to release our information to the state board.

    And the reason my college is doing is because our program isn't accredited so they think if they put us thru this extra bit we will have better pass rates on boards which I understand but the program is ridiculous that they want us to do.
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  6. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    Is it a new program? If it is, it might be an exit test. My school has a similar policy and they too, just implemented it. Did you find out from the other students how they were able to obtain their certificates? Did they take the same test and pass it?

    From what it sounds like, you made have passed all the curriculum, but you still have that one test that you need to pass, which the school is requiring you to take to predict if you may or may not pass the NCLEX. That is how my school uses the exit test. Depending on the percentage you get, will likely reflect how you will do on the NCLEX.
  7. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    Ah. Then that is why. They are trying to obtain solid pass rates to use as a future reference in case they decide to pursue accreditation. Which is what my school is also doing.

    If you truly are frustrated with the process and feel it is outside the scope of the state's BON policies, I would contact the state BON directly and ask them what can be done.
  8. by   uncledaddy
    Ya they want to get accreditation so they can raise tuition. It basically comes down to greed. But yea im at the breaking point I cant take another month of this online test prep. I just want to have a chance to take the test. The thing is when ever we call they just give us the run around like we have to take it. But it was not part of the program we agreed to when we signed up.
  9. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    It sounds like a for-profit school. Which are notorious for high tuition. Mine falls under that category. However, they are very open with us, so I am sorry to hear that your school implemented this policy at the last moment, but most for-profit institutions are like that unfortunately and if you maybe read the fine print of the agreement you signed at the beginning of your program, there is more than likely a clause that states that the program can change without notice and that it is your responsibility to stay informed.

    On that note...I know you are extremely frustrated AND anxious to take the NCLEX. However, I think you should just bite the bullet and do the online prep. If anything, it can only prepare you even more for the NCLEX. Not to mention, I personally would not want to take the NCLEX with such negative mindset. I would take the month of prepping to decompress, reorganize your thoughts, prep yourself for the NCLEX, and determine yourself to pass that school's test and ultimately, the NCLEX.

    THEN and ONLY THEN, when you have completed testing, can you perhaps go back to the school and give them feedback about their way of communicating new policy changes and maybe even report it to the state BON if you truly feel it is unethical. If it is a school truly wanting to give a good education like my school, they will be willing to listen and take your feedback into consideration for future cohorts that will be graduating.
  10. by   uncledaddy
    Ive tried to get back into it but every time I sit down to try I just get really agitated and frustrated. Im actually really depressed over all this and really regret picking this school to go to now. And yea im actually used to them changing policies, they changed things on us almost every semester most the time without notifying us about changes too.
  11. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    I know it is. Trust me, I have been there with my school.

    BUT. You are ALMOST there. I think you need to invest that energy into yourself right now and just concentrate on getting it done. Try and not think about any of that stuff for the next month.

    I mean, come on, you passed the curriculum for Nursing school! That is a great accomplishment right there! So puff out your chest with pride, soak in some positive energy, and get it done! I think it is better to invest in getting your license than just venting and getting nowhere with it.

    And just think...when the online prep thing is will be FINISHED with that school for good.
  12. by   maddiem
    Wow...I would be frustrated too!! I'm so sorry you're going through this! Its best to not fight with the college to avoid trouble and just bite the bullet and finish the prep course! It may seem unnecessary, but if the college has made it a rule, than there is not much you can do. Congrats on graduating though! Just keep thinking of the end result!! You can do it!
  13. by   Esme12
    I am sorry you are going through sounds to me they are trying to get their accreditation and the BON has turned them down because their curriculum is not to standard.

    However, As per the Terms of Service we cannot offer legal advice. Without a signed binding contract the school can decide what ever they wish for graduating curriculum. It's their school their rules.

    I wish you the best.
  14. by   MCRMS
    Contact the board of nursing for your state. The board makes the rules.