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Hey guys I graduated 5 months ago from a nursing school in Indiana. I still have not been allowed to take boards because my school will not release my certificate of completion to the state. They have have a NCLEX test prep... Read More

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    Wow...I would be frustrated too!! I'm so sorry you're going through this! Its best to not fight with the college to avoid trouble and just bite the bullet and finish the prep course! It may seem unnecessary, but if the college has made it a rule, than there is not much you can do. Congrats on graduating though! Just keep thinking of the end result!! You can do it!
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    I am sorry you are going through sounds to me they are trying to get their accreditation and the BON has turned them down because their curriculum is not to standard.

    However, As per the Terms of Service we cannot offer legal advice. Without a signed binding contract the school can decide what ever they wish for graduating curriculum. It's their school their rules.

    I wish you the best.
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    Contact the board of nursing for your state. The board makes the rules.
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    Quote from uncledaddy

    And the reason my college is doing is because our program isn't accredited so they think if they put us thru this extra bit we will have better pass rates on boards which I understand but the program is ridiculous that they want us to do.

    Aha. That explains it. The nursing board is correct to let them do this.

    One more reason for people to check out the school before signing up and paying. Now we know what school you attended...and you better hope you never leave Indiana, because even if you pass NCLEX there and get licensed there, a lot of other states will not grant you a license by reciprocity because your program doesn't have national accreditation.
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    Quote from MCRMS
    Contact the board of nursing for your state. The board makes the rules.
    They make the rules for accreditation...but the schools make the rules for the school. The board is probably requiring this for them to receive their approval.

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