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hi everyone.. Im planning to get into the nursing world,i just wnna ask how much they make an hour just to give me an idea of the salary.Thank oyu so right here waiting...... Read More

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    I don't really know the answer for it, I believe it depends on the facility. I know I went into corrections and they consider me a GPN until I pass my boards. Basically I am on indefinite orientation until I take boards. If I pass, I continue on doing what I am doing. If I fail, I get demoted down to a tech until I pass.

    I have a couple of friends from school who's employers moved them to a GPN/orientee position when we graduated, and a few who's employers will not use them as anything other than tech positions until they pass boards.
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    I have been a nurse since 1992. I work 3 different places. My base income in the hospitals is around 23.50 - 24.20. plus shift differential. call pay is 2/hr. When I worked home care for a Magnet hospital I made 30/hr due to the special things I did like CPR instructor, BSN, wound care & JACHO projects. I worked for an oncology office 2 years ago & made 22 / hr with lots a perks. I work in northern Indiana in the boonies and am able to travel & live well on my salary.
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    A new graduate from Dental hygeine school makes more than a nurse of over 30 years experience. I know she is my daughter!!!!!!!
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    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the Deaconess (chamberlain) college courses and program. Are the courses easier to take with them or someone else. How hard was it to go away for their four day clinical review? And would it be better to clep there main courses??? Please advise, Thank you. Shelly
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    Hey Jelly,
    What IS the start rate for a dental hygenist? Just curious! )
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    I work in Indianapolis. $40.00 an hour. No benefits but I only work during the week. No holidays. I make out my own schedule
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    Quote from studentnurse74
    Check out Clarian hospitals. I think the site is (or org?). They are Methodist, IU, and Riley hospitals all downtown Indy.
    Community hospitals have a user-friendly website.
    They also have 12 and 15 week assignments if you are interested in short term obligations
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    Quote from rnbackagain
    I live about an hour from Indy! (noticed that is where you are from). Community Hosp is holding a 7 month training program for nurses interested in the OR. I am going to check it out. I have never worked at any of the Community hospitals. Are you familiar with them or this program?
    I have worked for Community for 2 years. Pretty good organizationa and they pay very well.
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    I work in Northern Indiana and as a newly licensed RN right out of school i make $23.50/hr (on days). On eves there is a 10% differential and a 15% differential on nights.
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    [font=book antiqua]anyone know what they are offering new grads in nw munster, crown point, dyer??? from what i see in the posts so far (and a lot of them are a year old so i'm wondering if things have changed) new grads are making about $ i currently live in nw indiana but i'm graduating from an illinois school. i know all the chicago area hospitals start grads at at least $24/hr without differential. i can't believe that the in hospitals close to the border would try to be at least a little competitive. we're moving to crown point so i was considering getting licensed in both states to avoid a long commute but i think $17/hr is an insult for the amount of responsibility and all that rn's do!!!! i hope that doesn't offend anyone, i think all nurses are worth more than that though. i did see a few posts from people stating a starting wage of 22-23/hr. i'm wondering where those in hospitals are??
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    I live in northwest indiana. Pretty much every hospital pays from $20/hr-23.50/hr. I worked as a graduate nurse for $22.50/hr (VERY recently, i just graduated in december). The RN pay for that hospital is $23.50. HOWEVER i'd never recommend anyone to go work at that specific make more but you put your license at risk every day b/c of very poor and unsafe staffing. Crown point i believe is $20/hr, Munster im not sure but its in that general area. In this area you wont only be making $17/hr, unlesss you're an LPN. But as an RN, you'll do better. Dont worry :-). Best of luck!
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    I just got hired on as a graduate nurse in Muncie at a base rate of $19.50/hr. Shift deferentials: 3pm-11pm=$2.15, 11pm-7am=$2.73, weekend=$1.56. I'm not sure if I will get any increase after passing the nclex and becoming an RN.