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I wanted to ask this question to all the Indiana nurses out there. I read a similar post in the "poll" section of this site. I came out of it a little discouraged as I'm just beginng to start my... Read More

  1. by   bertramRn
    i was working er in downtown indy for about a year and a half. loved it, especially my coworkers. i do travel nursing now. but i believe the starting wage is around 22$/hr or so, with 4$ more for nights, 6$ for weekend nights, and 2$ for weekend days. and you can get something around 3-5k sign on bonus as long as you decide to stay on for 1-2years. if you like trauma or large er then i would strongly suggest either methodist or wishard. both are level 1 facilities and the attending er physician's are generally nice and easy to get along with, they are also staff at IU med school so they are definitely willing to teach, assist, and are a little more patient. as far as the pay, i think its enough to get by in indiana, half a year out of school i was able to buy a house, pay for further schooling, student loans/bills, and still go out with friends/throw some money away. you certainly aren't going to be rich, but i think you can make a sufficient amount of money as long as you take care of it.
  2. by   cna2lpn80
    i know lpn's that right out of school make 18- on up.
    so it is strange to hear rn's really only make a couple more dollars than that.
  3. by   WickedRedRN
    LPN's don't make that much in a hospital, its usually around 12-14/hr. LTC is a better paying option for LPN's here, but you have to expect a high workload and (in my experience) not as good of an orientation compared to a hospitals.
  4. by   MicsterRN
    LTC in Terre Haute, new grad RN = $18 w/ $1 diff for evenings or nights. No weekend diff. I am vehemently dissatisfied with my wage, but I have no leverage and jobs are scarce; it's close to home and a pretty nice place, so I choose to simply suck it up and get my first year of experience under my belt.
  5. by   BoredAlreadyRN10
    For the amount of stress, and anguish I experience... No, They are not paying enough. I do it b/c I love nursing. I think we all do.

    Here's what I think is some bull...During my orientation, my employer played an anti union dvd for the new hires. Really?! That's when you know they are about to get ya with no lube... and they do.
  6. by   freebirdRN86
    I'm a nurse of 3 months and I find that my starting base rate of $22/hr with $3.60-$5 differentials in downtown Indianapolis is a lot! Then again, I'm in mid 20s without children and not married.
  7. by   IckuRN
    Who pays the highest? I'm not sure I can swing cutting my income in half! I know, I know...the cost of living is lower...but unless heat and groceries are free....!