All Ivy Tech Nurses!!

  1. Where to start.. I've finally decided nursing is for me. I just recently had my son back in July and I'm hoping to start classes this January (Spring 2010). I've planned everything out and I'm very sure I would like to apply for the Spring 2011 RN nursing program. I'm well aware that in order to do that I will have to complete ANP101 this Spring and ANP102 this summer. Does anyone have any information about taking ANP102 over the summer? Was it very difficult? How time consuming? What was your schedule like? Also, I was told before that taking ANP online wouldn't count toward getting into the nursing program. Is this true?
    I'm planning on taking ANP 101, English Comp, and Intro to Psychology this Spring while taking care of my 6 month old while I'm not in class. Am I taking on too much?

    Has anyone else started during the Spring and how long did it take you to finish the program completely?

    Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   csab
    Online A&P classes at Ivy Tech count for Ivy Tech nursing. . . you'd have to check with any other schools if they would count it to be sure.

    I took online A&P 101 last spring term, and online 102 in the summer. I also took online Sociology, Math 118, and Comm 102 in the spring term, but in the summer term the A&P 102 was my only class. I don't work and my kids are ages 7,9, and 12 so I don't have little little ones to be taking care of.

    The summer 102 class was intense because you are doing it in half the time. So that's 2 chapters a week and an exam about every other week. It's doable but takes time and committment!
  4. by   Emmi7
    Congratulations IndyK on deciding that nursing is for you. I too recently started at Ivy Tech, just this semester. I also have a soon to be 4 year old and a baby due this December!
    Like CSAB said online A&P classes do count at Ivy Tech towards the nursing program...not sure about other schools, but I am assuming they do, at least I hope so.
    This semester I took 16 credit hours: A&P 101, ENGL 111, PSYC 101, Med Term, IVYT 105, and MATH 050. All my classes have been online except ENGL 111 and I also took all of them in 8 weeks except for Med Term and ENGL 111. So anything can be done if you put your mind to it!! I am taking A&P 102 next semester but I will be doing the full 16 weeks, 101 I had to take in 8 weeks because I had to take MATH 050 first.
    Also make sure you read through the threads in the Indiana Nursing Program section, there is A LOT of good info there and everyone is extremely helpful!!
    Good luck to you!!
  5. by   kgle
    A friend of mine took 102 this past summer and it was an all day Saturday session. She pulled an easy A in the class. Message me if you would like the name of the instructor she had. He is the best you can get for that class! So, its definitely doable and she has a 5 year old and works full time as well.
  6. by   JanetW422
    ANP 102 at indy ivy tech was awesome the teachers were really helpful..i dunno what your work schedule is like but I had a 15month old at the time and although classes were 4 days a week during the summer the way I did was totally worth it. Make sure you attend open labs and you will be totally good to go..they are important no matter what anyone tells you! Good luck girl...i started my prerequs in january as well...applied in september and am starting the program in january YAY!!!