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    I'm very new at this so please be patient with me I've researched the LPN program with Wilbur Wright College at the Humbolt Park Vocational Education Center in Chicago, IL. Has anyone attended the program? Can anyone tell me how the program was? Did they make it so hard you could hardly get through it, or was it achievable? Some programs make is so complicated, I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback from this one.
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  3. by   SPower82
    I just replied to this, see the kennedy king thread
  4. by   Missy1206
    I just graduated from the program and overall it was a great program. I pass the NCLEX and it prepares you well for it. There organization of the program needs to be improved.
  5. by   anewme26
    I am currently enrolled and anticipating graduating this May (woohoo!), and I can't say that its a great program. I'm even reluctant to call it a good one. I have had the opportunity to take PN courses online through distance Minnesota as well as at Wright College, and I felt better educated throught the online class than I did here at Wright. I am in the evening class and maybe the day class gets better teachers, but for the most part the lectures were nothing more than the review of systems and sickness (reminiscient of A&P). I feel like most of the instructors did not even adequately intergrate the nursing process as well as the treatment options into their teaching. Outside of the lectures, you are required to self-study for ATI exit exams given at the end of each course, and ATI'S materials by the way provide inaccurate and outdated information. AND you must pass two math exams for which their only preparation is a handout and at best a day or two of lecture;one exam covers basic math and another that covers medical calculations and IV flow rates. Because of my background, and previous classes in pharmacology and nursing I am familiar with a great deal of the stuff presented, and I have been able to maintain an A/B average throughout the program and also to excel on the ati exams.

    The previous post was right to say they are disorganized, but even that is an understatement. You never know who your instructor is until class starts. You don't get to review exams to see how or what you got wrong so you can learn from it. You find out about your clinincal times at the last minute, and even then its subject to change (we had one group to go to clinical and find out that the school had been told they couldnt have clinicals there.). They constantly change things causing upset in your, life and your job (if you have one) and have absurd expectations of bending flexibility with nothing more to say than "we told you that you needed to be flexible." BS!!! They need to be organized.

    Their Admission process is somewhat simplistic, however even then you are subject to getting the run around. It is also my opininion that the administration of the program is somewhat biased toward certain populations too. With all that said if you are a disciplined student and prepared to be a seriously self-taught PN student Then Wright college may be right for you. But without a good solid foundation in science, the systems and medicine the program may prove to be a bit challenging.

    Hope this helps...Good luck in your quest!
  6. by   RescueNinja2013
    Hello, does anyone know the application deadline for Wright College's LPN program of Fall 2010? And is there anyone to give detailed insight about the TEAS entrance exam? Thank you much!
  7. by   fulloflifelove
    As a former student. I do agree with one of the posters they are biased. Not only that, they prefer people who kiss their you know what. They are unprofessional. They have a ghetto instructor who thinks she is above all and does not even know how to speak properly to a class. Out of the whole staff I only liked two instructors. They taught the way they should. I was so happy when I was done with that PN program. I vowed myself to no do the RN there. I prefer any other college in the world except them. Good luck in your career path.
  8. by   SPower82
    I got to say, im in their RN completion program and it is much better. Not sure if its because the instructors respect us more (which they do and Im not sure why), because the material is easier (a lot of it is review from the LPN), Its less stressful (due to the fact you kinda know what to expect form nursing school culture), or some other reason I cant put my finger on. My advise to the previous poster would be to go to the RN completion program.

    But once your in the program, study for your HESI starting the first day. In cohort just ahead of us only 15/47 passed on the first try....ouch! If you dont pass the second time you have to repeat the whole program! imagine the stress of that, so START STUDYING EARLY EARLY EARLY...
  9. by   funshy
    Hi spower82, am planning to take the rn teas for wright college in few days ,and i dont know what to expect or what to study.I tried to buy online practice question from ATI but they want me to find out which version is been used for testing at wright college.Could u tell me what to expect and the version.
  10. by   nursing10111
    Can anyone who took the pre admission for wright college lpn program tell me about the test like what is on it? Is it long ? How is the math ?english? And something about the science portion??

    Thanks a lot and good luck to everyone!!
  11. by   RescueNinja2013
    for those of you that graduated from the wright college practical nursing program, i would love for you to join my group on facebook:
    wright college practical nursing program students & alumni. it is a closed group, meaning members are public, content is private, and you must request to join -and it doesn't mean that your personal fb is viewable by the group, members would have to friend request you if they want to be on your fb friends list.

    i created this group solely for academic support with this chaotic program, and who to give advice better -graduates of the program . my very first lecture day begins on the 20th, i am in the weekend session and i could use all the advice i can get all of us new students can use the advice . and yes do we knoooow this program is disorganized (orientation was a joke ). btw, i'm supposed to have hartman and soberano, any tips????
  12. by   amih
    I didn't pursue Wilber Wright's program, but I did start another LPN program in August, private. My advice to you is to hang in there, I think they are all a little bit dis-organized. Unless they have been doing it for years. Stick with it and good luck!!!
  13. by   RUBY2623RN
    Amih, which private LPN college are you assisting and how much will it be for the whole program, I am considering LPN, but I dont hear to many good reviews about wright's program
  14. by   amih
    Hi -

    I am currently attending PCCTI in Oakbrook. It takes time for every program to work the kinks out, but I have to say that it has been fairly smooth for me up to this point. The instructors have a tremendous amount of knowledge and the leadership is in place to help you succeed through the program. Any Nursing program is about discipline, motivation and the desire of the student to succeed. Its the logistics that bring you to one program or another. You have your text book and a world full of educational resources, with that you can succeed. Be ready for commitment and dedication to primarily your academics. If you want to become a good nurse, you can do it through any nursing program that has been accredited by the Illinois Professional Regulations for Nursing. I say it is the individual, not the programming. Take responsibility for yourself, what you put into it, you will get out of it. G' luck!!! : )

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