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has anyone who applied to wscn get accepted yet? i am still waiting, i have gotten accepted to aurora university and u of st francis nursing program and a few others months ago, but i ended up changing my mind (something that... Read More

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    Quote from Katiebaby4848
    Nice, congrats on graduating! And I just got my acceptance letter last week!
    Hi i have a question I want to apply to WSC, how was Teas exam?

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    I am a current West Suburban student. I like certain aspects of the program, and I also dislike other aspects of the program. The school is very expensive, and some of the teachers can be very belittling to the students. The clinical settings are throughout the Chicagoland area, and the clinical experience is one of the best parts about school. The school just changed its name, and the hospital where the school is currently located was just sold, so the school will be moving to another location soon. They will not tell us when or where. It's a little scary when you pay 20,000+ a year for tuition. Be prepared for ongoing changes in addition to trying to pass all of your classes!
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    I applied to WSCN and Chamberlain this year. I would have been granted acceptance had 2 of my science classes not been expiring by the start of classes. I got into Chamberlain, instead. The TEAS and HESI were both pretty easy. The HESI seemed easier, the TEAS was longer and we all got kicked off the system for about 20 mins. while they rebooted and everything, kind of a pain. I wasn't too thrilled about some of the places where WSCN sends their students for clinicals, but liked their shorter schedule. Chamberlain has a really new and neat SIM lab and is very clean and centralized within the building...I like the campus feel of Chamberlain. Now that I know WSCN is moving to an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time, I'm really happy that I didn't get accepted. And for me, Chamberlain is just a simple bus ride away and I don't have to go all the way to Oak Park on a train...works out better for me.
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    I just enrolled in my first semester of evening/weekend program. I was surprised that there was no clinicals this semester, but as being able to only go in the evening/weekend, I was dismayed that there was a required class I had to take that starts at 4 and that was the only one available. Now most people who take the E/W track are working full-time during the day I assume. I don't know too many people working in an office who don't work until 4 or 5. Now I have to find some way to change my working hours from 6 - 3 so I can make it to 4:00 class. I need the hour commute time to make up for I290 construction. My company doesn't know I'm going to nursing school yet and I didn't want to tell them until I had at least a year under my belt.

    Please, please tell me that clinicals will be in the evening or the weekend (preferably)-- I'm getting nervous. When I went to open house I thought they said it would be, otherwise I would never have signed up for the program. But when they start a class at 4:00 while most daytime workers work until 5, who knows.
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    The school, most teachers, and administration are unorganized 90% of the time. Be prepared to move classrooms, class times, clinical sites (in the middle of a rotation), and not have a teacher weeks into a class. The school is undergoing major changes right now. This will surely cause further disorganization and chaos. Any class starting after this summer will be involved in the moving process. I also just read that they hope to double the student population of the school. Having smaller classes is one of the perks to this school. Space is already very tight. Without even knowing where this school is going to end up, how will they have room for double the population?

    I agree with the person that said staff can be belittling to students. For a school with only 250 students, and a very high price tag, we expect a little more from the teachers and staff...a bit more intimacy and personality. Don't get me wrong, several of the teachers are exceptional instructors and mentors, but that is only a handful.

    Bottom line is, if this is the only school you get into, or the 16 month BSN program is your top priority...then go for it. But do not expect anything to be handed to you. This program is challenging! It is extremely easy to fall behind and fail. You have to be a self-learner and motivated to do this. We've lost about 1/3 of our original class since we started.

    Good luck!

    p.s. it is now called Resurrection University
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    oh crap... this is not what i like to hear.... eekk!
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    Great. fml. The 17-month BSN is the main reason I want to go there. I got into Chamberlain but am waiting to hear from WSCN. I talked to an advisor about the whole moving situation and he said that they're moving to another Resurrection hospital which hasn't been decided and I asked if that is going to cause problems/interruptions with classes, etc and he said that when they move they are going to have everything set up and organized first before they actually move the students.

    rngrad, are there ever situations at the college where ppl don't graduate in 17 months b/c of school/teacher issues?

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