Trying to get into 2 yr nursing program help!!!

  1. I am trying to get into an RN program at one of the city colleges, ideally Truman. I met with an advisor this past fall to see what classes to take and when I could apply. Since I am working full-time she advised that I just take 1-2 classes per semester, including summer, so that is what I have been doing.
    I took Chem 121 in the fall 2010, English 101 and Math 125 in the spring of 2011 and just started the summer session of Bio 121. My advisor and I figured that I could take Micro 233 and Bio 226 this fall coming fall 2011 and then submit my application in December and hopefully start the actual nursing program next fall of 2012 (I would take Bio 227 spring of 2011- it would be after I turned in my application, but I'd have it done before I started the nursing program-If I were to get in)....

    From talking to some classmates yesterday they made it sound like people that are getting into the program have A's in all 7 classes that count towards the ranking system (3 pre req. and 4 others), and on top of that they have the tie breaker points such as CNA certified, EMT certified, bach degree etc. Is this true???

    I figured out the amount of points I would have when I applied and it would be around 87...what is the average number of points that people have who are getting accepted into Truman's nursing program???

    I am aware of the ranking process with the points system that Truman has and was wondering if the 5 other city college that over nursing programs follow the same ranking system? Or are others still a lottery???

    Are there any other colleges in or around chicago that offer 2 yr programs for Registered Nursing that I can apply to??? (I do not have any gen. ed credits, so would like just get an associates degree)

    I understand that getting into these programs is tough, but I feel like my advisor didn't let me know exactly what I am up against. If anyone has answers to any of these question I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Truman no longer has that ranking system. I had over 97 points, but they did not take that into consideration, as they have centralized all of the nursing programs in the CCCs. The central CCC office is handling all nursing school applications. All that is necessary for your application is the three prerequisites, Bio, Chem, and Math. That's it. They will also look at your Reading (Compass?) exam score. Then, they will look at your overall GPA.

    If you have decent grades in all 3 prerequisites, you should be competitive.

    You can apply for the school of your choice, but they don't have to place you there if you are accepted, as they are considering all of the nursing programs to be equal.

    One person I know of (accepted to Daley, I believe) was accepted with three B's in the prereqs. He also had a Bachelor's, but they are not considering that. Most of the students who got into Truman appear to have had very decent grades and GPAs. Yes, a number have prior degrees, but that didn't count.

    Having the CMA, etc. was only useful (this is all based on what they have said) in a tiebreaker situation. If you google CCC nursing program requirements, all of this is listed there. It is also on Truman's website, except ignore the ranking system because it no longer exists.

    If you want any more info about the above, feel free to call Dr. Debra Gurney, the Director of Nursing, at the central CCC office. You can google her and CCC nursing program and her phone number will probably be there. She speaks to students directly when she is available, and she can clarify any further questions you may have. Good luck.
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    Thanks so much for the informative response zbb13! I have been wondering what the requirements are and have heard many different things from many different people. I guess it's a bit of a gamble. =(