Resurrection University (West Suburban College of Nursing) Spring 2011 applicants

  1. Hi all!
    I'm in a process of applying to the Resurrection University (formerly West Suburban College of Nursing) for BSN Spring 2011 program (generic 16 months option). I started this thread to get and give some support along the process. Let's help each other out and maybe get know better before the semester starts! I'm about to start my final (fall) semester at Wilbur Wright College, I already took the TEAS exam, submitted my online application, letters of recommendation and essay. I'm just waiting for my official transcript with summer school grades. I'll be going for the guaranteed admission program. If anyone has questions or just want to share his/hers experiences- please post your comments! GOOD LUCK Y'ALL !!
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  3. by   imuens2000

    am replying because i have applied to West Suburban college as well. I have everything in already, am just waiting to take the Teas test on the 13th. Do you have any tips on the exam?

  4. by   Pimpushka
    Hi! Thanks for replying !
    Did you buy the review booklet from I found it really helpfull! I did a review with it the night before the exam my overall score was 86% (English part brought my score down because I'm not a native speaker and I had some troubles with grammar). If you didn't buy the review book just read through your college notes. Math was pretty easy- only basic algebra. Yes, there were word problems, but read them carefully and you'll be fine! There was couple of questions on cellular biology (parts of cell (nucleus, golgi ap., mitochondria, etc., what they do, how are they located), so I would review your basic college biology! There wasn't that much of anatomy or physiology. Maybe 2 or 3 questions. Review your chemistry, there were 2 reactions to balance and couple of other questions that I wouldn't answer if I didn't review. Don't worry about the English part- there were only couple questions on grammar and part of speech and they weren't too advanced either. As far as I remember I had only 2 or 3 questions on physics, 1 about vectors, and 2 about how and when potential energy is transformed into kinetic. Watch your time! Especially with the math part! I almost run out of time on this one! If I'll think of anything else that you may find helpful, I'll drop another message. GOOD LUCK! !
  5. by   imuens2000

    Thank you so much for replying, its good to know there are other people that have gone through what am going through. I did buy the review book, i have been reviewing for the past three weeks. I Pray that i am ready to take the test Next Friday. Thanks for the tips on the test. Hopefully i will be seeing you on campus this January for class.

  6. by   Pimpushka
    Wow, 3 weeks! I'm sure you are more than ready I didn't have that much time, because I had to take care of my three summer school classes too (including BIO227- Physiology class). Are you going for the guaranteed admission program? I am, that's why I took physiology class in the summer. I will have their decision in early October instead of December. Really, I think you don't have to worry about the exam . The stuff at school is very friendly and helpfull, there is always someone in the class so you can ask questions when you are not sure about something. And also, you get the results right away so you don't have to stress about it! If you have more questions you can drop a message in here or send me a private message
  7. by   imuens2000
    wow, that is great that you are going to hear back before December. I did not apply for the guaranteed admission because my undergrad gpa is at the sucks! but my science gpa is around 3.2 which is better. thanks for your help so far, i will let you know how i did on the test... Pray for me.
  8. by   Pimpushka
    Yes! Please let me know ! I hope that Friday 13 will turn out lucky for you !!
  9. by   digitiminimi
    I got an 86 also! I'm applying for Spring 2011 as well. I'm soo nervous about getting in. Did they say when they're going to have the final decisions?
  10. by   Pimpushka
    Congrats Digitiminimi !! Did you specify that you want to apply for the Guaranteed Admission Program (your TEAS needs to be above 80, and both your overall and science GPA above 3.0)? I did, and they said that I will get an official decision beginning of the October. However, I exchanged couple of emails with the dean of the admission (very cool guy) and I found out that since i exceed all of their competitive criteria, as soon as they will look at my transcript I can expect a decision. So I'm thinking- maybe even in a week or two... And don't be nervous ! That's a very good score, and as long as your GPA is decent (above 3.0) I think you'll get in! Good luck!!
  11. by   digitiminimi
    I'm not sure if I'm eligible for the guaranteed because my cumulative GPA might be right at the border...I didn't calculate it b/c I have transcripts from 4 different colleges. For everything else, I'm fine. My counselor said he thinks I'll make it into guaranteed though. Still really nervous b/c they only take 66 out of 350 applicants! October is a loooong way away lol. Hope we get in, good luck!
  12. by   Pimpushka
    I hope so too! Did you take your prerequisites at the community colleges as well?
  13. by   digitiminimi
    Well most of them came from my bachelor's degree, but I took (and am taking now) about 5 of the pre-req's at a community college.
  14. by   Sparikh516
    hi! I am so happy to find this thread! I go to UIC right now and I have a 3.5 overall gpa and I already took chem and I am taking AP one and mircobio. next semester I am taking a AP 2 and mircbio lab. Can anyone tell me what is the guaranteed program? and when would be the best time to apply for the Fall 2011 semester?

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