1. Hi
    I have been doing research about LPN schools and employment. I came across a school name PCCTi located in Chicago or Oakbrook. Anyone gone there to do there program? Please tell me any information about this school? Was it a challenging program? I appreciate anyone who can help me out here. Need to make some decisions but would love to know from someone who actually took the classes.
    Thank you and have a good day!!
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  3. by   mydee
    I have decided to enter to school late of this year. Are you going into the program in oak brook? Did you check out the school if so how do you feel?
  4. by   allycat4
    Yes i did check it out. I found out that my A&P class is past 5 yrs so i would have to take the class again. u can take the pre-req class with them but its over a 1,000. So i will settle with a local community college. (only 190.00) The schedule is pretty pressuring to my eyes. M-Th lecture 5-9pm and Fri is clinical 1-9pm. that is the evening class. They have other options like weekend program and day programs. Its expensive than your local community college if they offer the LPN. Total in all is 15,000 and must have CNA license. the people were welcoming and informative. The classrooms and lab rooms were filled with lots of learning tools (cmpter, iv' pole, catheters, meds). So the course at pccti sounds like a rewarding school but I'm just hesitate with the schedules and tuition.
    Again i have to brush up on my class before I apply so i still havene't decided which school I would enter .. morton is my second choice.
    Hope this helps answer any question but type me if u have more to ask.
    bye and smiles...:wink2:
  5. by   mydee
    That's a great move you should take your AP @ cc. Wow your cc is cheap. I go to College of Dupage and plan on taking the AP 1500 this summer and the total for that class is about $450.00. But I guess it is still a cheaper then PCCTI. Yeah, I was going to apply for the PN program @ my cc but with over 300 applicates and less then 40 seats once a year application procss decided not to go that route. I would have to retake psy 101 (got a B), pass AP 1500 with an A have and have great Compass test scores. Even then there will still be chance that I would not get in. So instead of wasting my time waiting in trying to get to @ my cc decide to go to PCCTI instead ( there is a class that starts every month). At first goal was to move and go to a private RN BSN program in IN. I changed my mind after all I am turning 27 this summer married and just about paid off most of my debt. Did not fell like comming out of school at the age of 31 with over 70,000 in debt. PCCTI program is an expensive but my hubby and I will be moving to a cheaper apt,cutting down some of our bills, and paying off our car loan next year. So with these cut backs I would be able to keep my current job ( Iwork in a call center so very easy to cut back my hours) could pay for the program in cash no loans.Then go to @ cc for a bridge program LPN-ASN then ASN-BSN at a later time. At some cc the LPN-ASN never even fill up their seats so it much easier to get in. The point is that keep your options open as the ecomonmy slows down more and more people are going back to school to make career changes. A lot of students will be looking to go into the health care field and nursing is a big one. The application process to get into local schools is getting much more difficult. I plan on going to the next Fri,Sat and Sunday class that they have open. So good luck to you. If you decide to go to PCCTI please email back.
  6. by   rdl2881
    I was looking into this option as well. I want to work sooner than later and instead of waiting to get in somewhere else, i was thinking about becoming an LPN first, and then doing a bridge program(to get my bachelor's). I am just finishing up A&P at COD. Do either of you know when the next class is beginning at PCCTI? Are there still spots left? I spoke with them a while back and she mentioned that there was a class sometime this summer.
  7. by   allycat4
    I didn't think about the waiting list at Morton.. I have to look into that also because you are right about waiting 2-3yrs getting in and it would just be worth going to PCCTI quicker so I can work. I am 34 and don't want to put this off anymore. Also want to mention that according to the coordinator i spoke to @ PCCTi they are trying to form a bridge program into the RN program. They claim it will be ready in about a yr.
    As soon as I get the AP course completed i will let you know cuz there are a few openings in Sept for the evening course and I believe in Chicago they have the weekend classes available but can't remember the rest. So i will be in touch.
    If anyone out there has attended PCCTI would you please give us some information of what to prepare for. Any infomation would help any of us nursing students.
    Good nite and Good luck to all!!
  8. by   allycat4

    I did call morton for lpn... they just had their deadline on march 1 for the entrance classes of sept 08. So i missed it but don't matter i still need my biology to make up. so i might be leaning toward the pccti school.
    Morton says most of their applicants get accepted and their is hardly a waiting list. Unless their grades are good enough. So the next deadline is march 09. If i chose Pccti, I will go to the location in chicago downtown area where its very close to me. Let me know what you decide also and if you are going to pccti anybody.
  9. by   mydee
    Hey all,
    I live in the west burbs so I will be going to PCCTI location in oak brook. But I do wish you so much luck. Please let me know how the program goes. My plan will not be to start until late this year due to the fact that I have to come up with the first 5,000 down in cash.
  10. by   allycat4
    Hi Mydee..
    So you are for sure going to pccti? That is cool. Yeah that 5,000 is something else. I know they mentioned about getting a loan through their Sally Mae foundation. But i believe the interest rate is 6-8% depnding on credit score. Its expensive but again u can start sooner and work sooner and just pay off that debt. And keep in mind they are working on the bridge program for the asn. I definitely will be in touch when i decide to enter the school. You will do fine. Good luck.

  11. by   mydee
    some updates,
    I just put down my down payment yesterday. I might be starting in Aug 8 for Fri,Sat,Sun class. I have a lot of work to do before then.
    good luck all.
  12. by   allycat4
    That is great to hear... i thought about that schedule on the weekend and it sounds tuff but u gotta do what u gotta do
    keep me posted and wish u best of luck
  13. by   rdl2881
    I called about this program and was told the evening class would be starting in Sept and the day would be starting in Oct. What are the hours for the weekend program? Also, I know there is a $1,000 deposit, but how do the payments work after that?
  14. by   CarreBarreLPN
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm a newbie. I actually found this post when I was googling PCCTI. I'm pretty much in the same boat as most of the ladies that posted here. I'm sick of waiting to get into an RN program so I'd like to do a bridge. I called PCCTI and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I wondering if anyone can post the program schedule? Or lead me to the online version? I can't seem to find it. Thanks so much!

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