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Just wondering if other nurses deal with the issue of being the only nurse (no LPN or other RN) scheduled. I work med/psych in a hospital setting. I have raised the issue of no breaks and was told I could "go somewhere and put... Read More

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    Quote from BeccaRN
    My first job was in a LTC and I was the only nurse at night with 1 aid for 65 residents. No breaks or anything plus the safety issue. I was there 2 weeks and gave my notice.
    I have 50 residents LTC and one to two aides. I am swamped no breaks, no lunch, except 5 min as I do NN's. 65 is unreal, I can't imagine 65! I have been there 3 months and was told if I can't cut it I could leave. We need nursing to patient staffing laws now!
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    I guess the lesson in all this, is don't get old or frail enough to need LTC. Lord. This is scary.