New Grad in Rockford Hospitals?

  1. Anyone with any experience (first, second, third hand?) or knowledge about what the Rockford hospitals offer for new RN grads? Things such as residency/intern programs, general starting pay, shifts, etc? ANY info will be helpful!!
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  3. by   gatita804
    i just finished the Saint Anthony's New Grad Residency Program. it's an 18 week session. Versant Program. I really loved it. They pay you while you go through the program. you work 36hr/week with 8 of those hours at the Versant class.

    Rockford Memorial has a Resident program also...
  4. by   murse55
    I am a recent new grad and work at one of the big three in Rockford. They hired me directly into the ICU (actually 2 of the hospitals offered me an ICU position). They start out at $24/hr plus shift diff. RMH has a residency program that lasts from 6 months to 1 year and they put you on a track to end in the area you wish to stay. I lucked out and got days (7 am to 7 pm 3 days a week). Good luck!
  5. by   cheez1285
    I did my new grad residency at Rockford Memorial Hospital. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. There is classroom days and days where you will be on the unit. The first three months, you typically start on a med surg/tele or med surg/renal floor and have a preceptor that guides you. After that, you switch over to a different unit for another three months. You keep doing this up until 12 months is up or you take a position on a floor you have been on. My first rotation was on med surg/tele, then med surg/renal, then PCU, and I took a position on the med surg/renal floor after 9 months of being in the residency program. You get paid $23.50 while your in the new grad program from what I remember. I no longer work there because it was pretty far from where I live. If it weren't for the distance, I would still be there. There education department is excellent.
  6. by   bookworm60146
    Is there a particular month or time of year that RMH takes applications for the RN Residency program?
  7. by   Army
    I am a new graduate from a BSN program in Rockford. Saint Anthony and Rockford Memorial run residency programs and both are closed now. They were open in the November timeframe and were not open long. If you didn't get into the residency program, you likely will need 1 year of experience to get into them later. Swedish American is the only hospital in town that didn't have a residency program at this time. You might have better luck getting into that hospital. Also, if you don't have a BSN, you will have trouble getting into hospitals at this time. Saint Anthony is trying to get rid of LPNs and ADNs completely.
  8. by   ekkmiller
    Is there a work obligation for the RMH residency. Do you just finish the residency or do you have to work at this hospital for 1 year after finishing the residency?