Moving to Lake County Wondering about the nearby Hospitals

  1. Hello all,
    I am wondering about hospitals in the Lake County Area. My Husband just retired from the military after 20 years and we are finally moving back home. He want to live near Great Lakes Naval Station in North Chicago. We both lived in the west suburbs our hole lives till he joined the Navy and we moved away. I am wondering if anyone could recommend any hospital more than another in the area. Really any information would be great. I am also wondering specifically about the Veterans Hospital
    Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center. I once worked at Edward Hines Hospital 20 years ago as an LPN.
    I have recent and extensive experience in ICU, ER, PACU, ACLS, OR, Wound Care and Conscious sedation. I am currently working in the float pool for ICU, OR, PACU, ACLS and do 2 days a week conscious sedation for procedures. I am also the Assitant Wound Care Nurse for the entire hospital and the Primary for the ICU.
    Thanks in advance for any information provided. We will be home in June 2013, and we can not wait!
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  3. by   gummi bear
    Lovell FHCC is always hiring RNs...well most of the time. The hospital is really trying to go for magnet status, and so the whole campus has been getting a facelift. There's plenty of good people there, but you'll deal with the normal bs that comes from government workers. But I'm sure that you're used to that by now. Good luck!
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    13 Medicare qualified hospitals within 25 miles of North Chicago:

    Medicare Hospital Compare Quality of Care Results Page
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    What does FHCC mean?