LPN programs near lake county, il

  1. I am doing my pre-reqs at Harper in Palatine, IL. I am thinking of becoming an LPN, so that I can get to work quickly, then continuing my ed. from there. Maybe transfer to Wis. Is this a good idea??? Any advice???
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  3. by   netglow
    Oh did you notice that you posted in probably the wrong place? I suspect an Admin on AN will move your thread for you.

    I am not aware of any place at least in Northern IL that utilizes LPNs. Getting work as an RN after graduation will be very tough, no matter what your plans are. Also understand that many facilities will not count LPN experience as a "sort of" RN experience.

    Once you enter the RN program it will be tough to find work that fits your schedule from school, which the associated studying, projects and general faculty confusion will not give you something firm to bank on. I'd just do the CNA thing over a summer or something an try that. LPN and CNA pay will be quite low. Most RN programs let you do your CNA or LPN test if you want it after a semester?! I think. So, why spend the extra money to take a separate class.

    If you have prior business experience, you might look for medical office admin. jobs. If you can manage to get into night RN classes and then work during the day at your job, you'd probably make more money. But, you have to have a flexible boss, and figure out when you are going to study and do stuff like research papers and care plans.
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    Going to a private school verse staying at community college has its advantages and disadvantages, if you think your ok with working at a nursing get your lpn.
    Starting pay for a lpn in your area at nursing homes is around 20-23 and they're jobs out there in the suburbs, Cna's make around 9.75-11 and is the most thankless job ever. check out the list of programs in IL on the school part you'll be able to find something in your area, most programs that are privately are around 15k-20k range
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