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Can someone please tell me all the private LPN schools in the Chicagoland area? I don't want to wait a few years on a waiting list. PCCTI American Institute J'Renee Facility Northwestern... Read More

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    You must have a really big gripe towards NWIHT. My best bet is that you're probably one of the students of the school who failed one or more of their core courses -- after pleading the instructors/school to give you a passing grade.

    I have some pretty good inside scoop on the school's management organization and the caliber of their instructors/program so if you will allow me, let me provide the "real facts" about Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology (NWIHT).

    Fact #1. The School's LPN program is 1100 contact hours for $16.25 per contact hour. This translates to $17,875 from Fundamentals of Nursing all the way to the NCLEX preparation. They do charge minimal registration fees per course to cover the administrative cost of scheduling. Aside from the community colleges around, please do your research and post up here who amongst the private LPN providers can beat NWIHT's very low LPN program price point. BTW, NWIHT is the only school that I know of that actually give tuition DISCOUNTS for students that fail a course but had opted to stay with their chosen program.

    Fact #2. During an application interview, NWIHT's primary mission is to provide the prospective ALL the data that s/he needs to make an informative decision -- even to the point of directing the said prospective to another accredited school -- if that's what it would take for the student to be successful.

    Fact #3. All of NWIHT's instructors have been approved by both the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations, Board of Nursing. These two State agencies put any institution applying for an educational permit through a magnifying glass. They scrutinize each and every instructor's curriculum vitae as well as their qualification to teach their subject-matter-expertise. The school is also accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. All of these approvals and accreditations take years upon years to attain due to the rigors of the requirements and the inspections that take place during a candidacy period.

    Fact #4. The school DOES NOT sell grades. Students MUST EARN them down to the last tenth of a point. So if you're one of those students who just can't hack it because you have way too many alibis except to study hard, then you don't belong at NWIHT. There's no one else to blame for your woes but yourself. Feel free to bring your transcripts somewhere else.

    Fact #5. NWIHT's NCLEX pass-rate for the past three years has averaged at 90% plus! The school has graduated 17 batches of students with each batch having a minimum of 15 to 25 students. That's a 90% passing rate across a minimum of 250-plus students over the period of 3-years! Now again, do your homework and see if you can find a private/public LPN school that has the same success rate. You'll find a very small percentage of them out there. NWIHT is now servicing approximately 6-7 batches (half in the evening, half in the morning), and most of them are doing well on their chosen program. Check my figures above against the Board of Nursing's NCLEX pass rate website and tell the audience here how correct my facts are.

    Fact #6. The school has recently signed a 10yr lease of a 40,000 square feet facility in Skokie, Illinois where their Skokie campus is now located. The cost of the physical build-out and the infrastructure / laboratory expenses alone in equipping the facility don't even come close to break-even point (for 2-years!) in terms of the school's tuition-to-expenses ratio. This will show you that the income the school generates through tuitions and fees ONLY go to the improvement of the school -- and nowhere else.

    Fact #7. The president's car (new cadillac purchase?) is a leased vehicle -- Its primary use is to shuttle important VIPs and potential grant donors who visit the school quite often; and whom the executive management team relies on for ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS FOR LOW INCOME STUDENTS. The president son's car? It's not a 2011 Nissan Nismo but an earlier 2010 Nissan 370Z model. It was purchased in late 2009 when he was still an I.T. and management consultant working for a Fortune 100 company; and way prior to him joining the institution full-time as the school's senior vice president. The senior vice president has been the primary driving force behind the school getting its State agency approvals, accreditations, legal compliance, the current PN program, and the school's upcoming LPN to AAS-RN bridge program.

    How do I know all of this? Feel free to PM me directly and I'll tell you who I really am.

    Too often, individuals who think ONLY of their own selfish interests would rather destroy than build. They would rather complain than look within and see if the real problem is them. They would rather vent in public forums (such as this one) in the hopes of "getting even" instead of taking accountability for their own inactions. They would rather put blame on an institution whose sole mission is 'educational and service excellence for all,' instead of hitting the books smartly so that they can really EARN their way through becoming safe and competent professionals.

    For those of you, true seekers of the Nursing profession, I have only one request -- and that is "do your homework." Do your homework with due diligence. Do your homework with integrity and honesty. Above all, do your homework with a burning passion that will carry you through many sleepless nights. For when you've asked all the questions that you can possibly ask, answered all the questions that need answering, and taken and passed all the tests worthy of the noblest of all professions (that is of service to others), you'll find out that true success can only come from true and honest hard-work that springs from within -- and never, ever from trying to destroy others.


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    i rarely reply to these threads but i couldn’t resist….

    i don’t understand how an important fact to my education has something to do with the administrators having nice cars.

    though there were some negative points that i saw in northwestern institute… it isn’t too different from any other private lpn school in illinois. i have had some friends actually graduate from northwestern institute years back. they had some frustrations but the resounding reply is “i’m getting what i paid for… and i will be able to be a nurse in a year”. my friends who have graduated actually were able to bridge into a rn program and have careers now. personally i wasted 4 years of my life bouncing back and forth from these private nursing schools and finally settled down with a school in indiana. i actually registered and attended classes at cmk, northwestern institute, ici, omega, ambria... all because of my indecisiveness and immaturity. i left each one because i was frustrated by the way they handled my case… to be honest after all that i found that it wasn’t the school it was me. yeah things may be frustrating but the schools are there and are approved for a reason… all those schools are money making schools… but the point is “can i get what i came for?”

    if i have to choose a money making school… i’d choose northwestern institute… at least they accept financial aid and have been around for years… so they are expert money suckers that graduate professional lpns! hahaha!

    no matter where you go, private lpn schools will be expensive... they will have their own system of running things... and you will come across instructors that are the best and instructors that you don't even know how they passed their board exams. as long as you can get the basic nursing knowledge, learn a bit about compassion, graduate, pass your nclex, and start working... you can make that money back in matter of months.

    people should just quit complaining and suck it up no matter where they're at. if you don't stick with the game plan... everything will fall apart.

    @money making schools - if i didn't know any better i bet you were just bitter at northwestern institute because you didn't get what you wanted.... salty much?
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    Are thereany current students of ECPI in greenville sc? I start the program in November and I would like to know what to expect?? And maybe find someone who will be starting the program along with me.. Thanks so much!! VERY NERVOUS!! Missy D
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    @ Hanzo,
    I finally after months of passing by NWIHT, decided to go in and inquire about their LPN program. My English class was back in 1996, do I still need to take that couse even though it's English. I am asking you because you seem so well versed on this school's info. Also, does GPA factor in the admission process?
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    Great answer hanzo.
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    Quote from Reese2012
    did you end up joining the LPN program at CMK? If so, can you tell me more about it? Do they offer classes at both locations (Westmont and Glendale Heights), where are you attending clinicals (and the times you go), how difficult is the hw? Thanks
    Cmk actually moved their Westmont location to a larger location in clarendon hills. The building i heard is like 4 floors and they are planning to convert it into a college.My wife is attending their lpn program and my cousin is attending northwestern. All i know is that in the end its what a student does to make the most of their education. In the end one must ask if they did enough for what they paid. I have read so many complaints about lpn schools. In the end wherever you go, when your done you have made your life better.. Why make 10 per hour when you can make $25 per hour
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    I'm trying to decide what road to take in gaining my lpn I've been a cna for 8 yr's I was considering community college or Northwestern Ints of Heath And technology in skokie Illinois, They told me they have finacial aid now I thought that was GREAT ! But they told me I can transfer my credts if
    wanted to pursue futher studies. But is the assignements hard ? I heard test are not mutiple choice .I'm just interested in going there it's close to my house along with daycare thats not far awayI just dont want to regret my decesion .
    Can someone tell me the GOOD of that school and BAD ! And can someone tell me the good things of lpn classes and clinicals i heard alot of bad i just want to feel positive like I have been but hearing the negative WOW! I'm a new mother at 41y and now i'm deciding to make my move to my dreams, Is there any thing that I can do to prepare me for lpn assignments while I'm at home with baby ?I'm asking alot and thinking alot I just want to make this transition a little easier. Thank you in advance for responding !
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    That sounds Great I just left a comment asking questions about the school because I'm very much interested in making an appt very soon, I been to both locations and I'm interested in skokie but I was seeing so much negative about the school and, etc. I appreciate your post because my education and time is important and I look forward of making a visit. Thank you !