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Hi, I am think of moving to Chicago next year and was just wondering if one can live/afford to live in Chicago on an RN salary. I would like to own a condo within the city and was wondering if... Read More

  1. by   Lifewitlooie
    if i was a nurse in chicago I would save craptons of money. I live less than 4 miles from the loop on the South side. my parents have a 2 story. not a big deal to live with ur folks to save money when it is impossible to afford to buy for my generation
  2. by   Juwon
    Quote from NICU_babyRN
    I live in Chicago. I'm single and have a good size one-bed apt but there's no way I could buy a place unless I didn't have any school loans to pay back. I would also need A REALLY NICE downpayment. I don't need one, so I don't even have a car in the city. I commute to and from the hospital on the train and it's SUPER easy. I am happy to give you more information! Just PM me!
    I can tell you that at Rush University Med. Center the current NEW GRAD starting pay for BSN grads is $25.25 and shall remain that until at least august of 2008.
    Rush also has the highest starting salary in all of the city's hospital. They have tuition reimbursement for new grads.
    I think NWMH has a yearly bonus, but I've heard not many good things about this bonus-not as big as anticipated and so on.

    Hope this helps
    Hi, the RN's that i know that resides in the hospital as a new grad makes $25/hr, I know some new grads that made $26/hr-$28/hr in a nursing home facility. All places pay different amounts. It is possible to live in Chicago on an RN salary, you reall have to budget your money and work lots of overtime. Also, you can work in a nursing homr or hospital, and work on the side doing home health. Most home health agencies pay $60/per vist, with the latter being $85/per visit. It all adds up. You just have to work in more than one facility or work more than 80 hours bi-weekly.
  3. by   winnieander
    Hi everyone

    I'm a nursing student who will be graduating in August and am wondering if anyone can tell me what is the average starting salary for new grads in Chicago.

    Based on Juwon's post above, I'm guessing $25-$28? I'd greatly appreciate it if someone can give me an update. Contemplating whether to try to find a job in the city or just stay in NW Indiana... Thanks!!
  4. by   prinsessa
    I would say that is about right. I started at $26/hr last year.