Illinois Masonic Medical Center RN Residency...anyone heard?

  1. Hey all!! Did anyone apply for the Illinois Masonic Medical Center new grad RN Residency program for the July cohort? My friend also applied and she got a rejection e-mail today. I haven't heard anything. Has anyone been accepted?
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  3. by   KMC-RN-BSN-710
    I haven't heard anything yet either. I received a letter of rejection from a different position that I applied to at advocate, it was for a nurse clinician 1, but the job I interviewed for was entitled RN residency program. I have checked my email too, and I have not heard anything from them either. Hopefully no news yet is good news Good luck
  4. by   renee1126
    When you say you applied to the new grad residency program, do you mean you applied specifically to that? Or you filled out an application for a specific job and upon hiring you you are now in the new grad program?? I'm a new grad too and all the hospitals I've looked into have said that you have to fill out applications on line and if you're hired, then they set up orientation for you. Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything since finding a job as a new grad is near impossible these days!! -Thanks
  5. by   KMC-RN-BSN-710
    A lot of hospitals have residency programs that are specifically for new graduate nurses. It is like an orientation to the hospital, nursing, floor, etc. The time ranges from 12 weeks to 1 year I have seen at some hospitals. No you are not missing anything, some hospitals do not have these programs but still take on new grads and then put them through orientation. It just is not a specific program like the others. It is the same general concept though. Yeah I know I have been on several interviews have alot of experience, and felt confident walking out of the interviews and I still do not have a job yet. Keep your head up, get your NCLEX ASAP and as many certifications as you can. I recently became ACLS certified so I am hoping that will add to my list
  6. by   inspired26
    Has anyone heard from Illinois Masonic? I am looking for a new grad position and would love to work any where right about now. Good luck to youo all with the job hunt.
  7. by   inspired26
    Just checking to see if anyone has heard anything yet for the july cohort or not. It is the middle of June now. Just checking.
  8. by   chicagobound2010
    I went through the interview process in April, and I was told I would hear either way by May. I still haven't heard anything yet... I wonder if anyone else has heard anything. Anyone????
  9. by   AnnetteS
    For those who interviewed with Masonic for the RN residency program, can someone give me some info about the interview process. I believe they are in 2 hour time blocks-do we interview only with HR at this time?
  10. by   juelrybox
    i applied, havent heard anything back
  11. by   icechick
    Have people already gotten notices for interviews? I applied, but haven't heard anything. Illinois Masonic is my number one choice. I am so anxious to hear something!!!
  12. by   alkallie
    I also applied and hadn't heard back so I called the director this week and she said that all people getting interviews had been contacted and scheduled. She said that if they need a bigger pool, they may continue to interview.

    I'm interested in knowing what unit preference people put/what was their experience?