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Other threads about Resu applications had a lot of questions for me and other students about the program that are more personal, not technical, such as what it's like, the difficulty, etc. Rather than derail an existing thread... Read More

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    Quote from PrayToTheUnicorn
    Aha. Well if the way the program is run will impede your ability to become a nurse, then considering transfer may be a good option. As many of my previous posts state, Res uses the ATI as its standardized benchmarking and it's pretty clear what is expected. There will always be a few teachers I don't care for but I've done my best and moved on. I wouldn't say any of the teachers or tests have been impossible though. There is an open house at ResU in April. You should go check it out!
    Thanks so much for the input PTTU. I've got a lot to think about. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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    Hi, I recently enrolled to begin the BSN daytime program at ResU this fall 2013! I've been trying to get organized and prepared, but I have a few questions!:

    -How did Financial Aid work out for people in the program? I know it's pretty expensive seeing that it's an accelerated nursing program. Do they usually offer enough loans to cover the cost of attendance, and if not, how much is normally left in excess for the students to cover? Do lots of students do work study? And if so, how does that work? (I also plan on applying for scholarships and possibly the loan forgiveness program). I would just love to get an idea of what I should be planning for/planning on paying. I've filled out and turned in FASFA (did that at the end of February).

    -Next, do you know of any students looking to sell their books? I would love to purchase books off a student for my first term, rather than from the bookstore.

    -Lastly, I'm not from Chicago, so I'm planning to move there at the beginning of August. I know ResU recently moved to Wicker Park, so I'm hoping to find a place around Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, or Bucktown. Any suggestions for finding a place? What's the average rent for a 1 bedroom or studio apartment? (if you have any idea)! If not, no worries!!

    If you would prefer for me to message you directly just let me know!
    Thanks so much!!
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    This may be a stupid question, but the 16 month program- is that for the pre-licensure BSN program? Does it go through the summer?
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    I never got an alert saying someone had posted. Sorry!
    Financial aid varies for everyone, so I don't know. Loans cover a lot, but most people do have out of pocket costs. That is where scholarships, grants or private loans come in. Loan amounts vary depending on if you have a bachelor's already. You will be told what loans you are getting and the amounts, and then even though the loans may not come in yet, you are not responsible for that amount, only the remainder.
    Many many students rent their books. Amazon has rental, so does Chegg.com and some other textbook sites. It's cheaper and you send them back when you're done. If there is a book you use later on in another class, the library has copies of all textbooks too.
    1 bedrooms and studios can be pretty expensive around the school area. It's kindof a "hip" area. You can always expand your search to be along a bus or train route. Many people drive.

    Congrats on getting in! Enjoy your summer while you can.
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    Quote from TraumaRNHopeful
    This may be a stupid question, but the 16 month program- is that for the pre-licensure BSN program? Does it go through the summer?
    Yes it is for a BSN. You will have completed your pre-reqs elsewhere then come here to do your 16 months of nursing courses. It is full-time day or night/weekend, going year round with small breaks every 16 weeks or so. The terms are 8 weeks.
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    Thank you! Would you be able to tell me the (semi exact) dates of the last academic year? Obviously I know it won't be the same, but just to get a sense of when terms start and end, etc
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    The academic calendar is on the web site under Academics... and is here: http://resu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2...-Calendar1.pdf
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    Thanks...do you know what happens if I were to try to push back a semester? I am getting married in August of next summer, so there is the possibility I would want the preceeding weeks off...
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    I was wondering which science classes they take into consideration for the Science GPA? Is it every science class you've ever taken or do they have specific classes they look at? Thanks!
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    Hey, I start the evening/weekend class in a couple of weeks....... got a question about books, Should I rent or buy? and what books would you suggest keeping throughout my Nursing career?

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