Help with BSN Admission @ UIC

  1. What's the deal
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  3. by   peaceful
    Have no idea of requirements of the collge you are applying to. Your GPA sounds decent enough, I wouldn't worry. Do you have Plan B, just in case?
  4. by   akcarmean
    Where are you from in Illinois? I live in Jacksonville, about 30miles west of Springfield, Illinois. Sorry not familiar with the college's initials. Ask the school directly their program requirements, and make a back up plan just in case. There are many routes that can be taken just need to be looked at.

  5. by   Maxs
    Well it's hard for everyone
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  6. by   chicago bsn 2005
    so what happened? did you get everything in on time? your gpa sounds fine to me. i'm not sure how they choose the students though. let me know if you have questions. if you go there, i'm sure you will have many, and there is no forum like this there to help you find the answers. perhaps i should suggest to people that they join this's my first day on here.
  7. by   akcarmean
    keep us posted on what you find out

  8. by   chicago bsn 2005
    there is a wide variety of people in the program at this time. this is not my first time 'round in college, so i felt old when i started. as i met people in the classes, i found that not everyone is still under the legal drinking age. many are doing the second career thing, wanting to do more. i was surprised how many were married with families. how they are doing it, i'm not so sure. a little more than 10 percent are guys. i have no idea why this is still such a low number. the culture is changing, but very slowly. if you are not 19 with full support from your parents, i would highly recommend going through this program on the three year, part-time track. many of us have had to do this for one reason or another along the way. the program isn't really do-able unless you have absolutely no other commitments. it's hard to wrap my head around what happens when you start that first semester. i'm not trying to scare you away though. it's so so so worth it. nursing needs you. so, do it in three years and you'll be happier. i'm fine with it really. it's just that i wish i knew that in the first place. i was so dissappointed in myself that i couldn't go forward as planned. it's better to do it right the first time. i was in such a rush.

    when i applied, it was a last minute, rush around thing. i decided i wanted to go to nursing school, got online to start researching, and found i had to have my application in by friday (it was wednesday) or wait another year. i ran around like a crazy lady, obtaining my recommendations and writing my essay. i drove to uic and turned in my application in person late friday afternoon. i was waitlisted, but i got in and started classes that fall.

    p.s. andrea schmoyer is the contact for the undergraduate programs at uic's college of nursing. she's accustomed to answering the kind of questions you probably have at this time regarding applying. she was very friendly the day i ran in there with my application. all i had to do was introduce myself and shake her hand. she is busy though, so i recommend calling for an appointment if you'd actually like to sit down with her and have a conversation.
  9. by   dazzle256
    Quote from Maxs
    I am from Gurnee IL (six flags great america), and also if I were to make different plans the weird thing is, every school has different prerquisites and honestly UIC (university of illinois at chicago) is the only nursing school I can afford. So I don't have plan B. I have asked the school directly and all they tell me is the minimum cumulative GPA is 2.5/4.00 and science is 2.0/4.00 and I have 3.63/4=Cumulative gpa and Science gpa=4.00/4.00. I heard getting accepted to UIC isn't very easy, I heard it's really hard. I meet all their requirements and I have been taking all the classes they required every since. Why are they hard to get into and who are the kind of students who are accepted ? (i.e pharmacy majors who couldn't get accepted to p-school, ex-pre-med students, and etc, with sky rocketing GPA's? or actually people who they're first major was nursing? I don't know anymore.
    Your GPA sounds good but what about CLC for plan B?
  10. by   chicago bsn 2005
    Quote from dazzle256
    Your GPA sounds good but what about CLC for plan B?
    also, if you're planning on moving to chicago for nursing school and a BSN is your goal, there's northeastern illinois, rush, loyola, and if you have a previous degree, depaul has some master's track thing going on. i didn't know about this until too late. however, i'm very happy with my decision to go to uic. note: these school's all have different prereq's.
  11. by   medpsychRN
    Your GPA sounds fantastic. I can't imagine why you would not be accepted at UIC. If for some reason, you're not accepted, you can attend a 2 year school, work at a teaching hospital and go to school. Usually tuition is free if employed full time. Work every weekend (considered full time where I work) and attend school during the week.
  12. by   Gennaver
    Hi Maxs,
    I am completing my BA somewhere else this semester and had planned on trying to transfer to UIC for a BSN, (seeing as I thought I had all the pre-reqs complete-at 3.8 gpa).

    Thing is, as you said many schools have different pre-reqs, I hadn't completed my organic chemistry.

    Although, UIC just got approval in time for this Januarys graduate entry program! The deadline for next January's program is March 1st and I do have the pre-reqs complete for that! No organic chem required.

    I hope you get in and cannot see why you wouldn't with such a high gpa for your pre-reqs.

    I hope to read later that you are in and also hope to post later that I did too!!

    p.s. future UIC hopeful RN Graduate certified in sping 2007

    Quote from Maxs
    Hello everyone, I am new here.

    Here is the deal, my cumulative GPA is 3.63 My Science GPA is 4.00, I am applying for the fall of 2005, now do I have any chance of getting accepted, if so how small. Or should just give up since I don't have at least 3.95 cumulative GPA. I am really frustrated and I can use some advice right now (you don't have to be nice, the truth pays off in the long run even though it may sound harsh at first). Also, can anyone tell me what the average GPA that gets admitted to UIC's college of nursing is (undergraduate program) every year? I would really appreciate any comments on this manner.

    Thank You
  13. by   Maxs
    :hatparty: :hatparty:

    I just got accepted to UIC and I would like to thank you all, for your courage and support. And Thank ALLAH (God).

  14. by   crazylilkelly
    This is for 2004:
    Avg GPA--3.52/4.00
    AVG science GPA---3.47/4.00
    Admission #s:
    86/470 admitted in Chicago site
    49/90 " '' Urbana site
    18 RN/BSN admitted/ 34 apps in all 3 regions
    There are four different sites that you can get your BSN from UIC---springfield, chicago, urbana-champaign(that's me) and quad cities. You can only apply to one site though. I talked to the director & they say you get the same quality of schooling as on main campus in Chicago. Plus, employers only care that you got a degree from UIC, not the specific training location. There are of course advantages to the different sites. One may be closer to your home. If you want the city life then Chicago's prime choice. If you want the college life then go UofI urbana-champain (& if you love college basketball---go ILLINI!!!!!)K, hope this helps anyone who reads this (even though I posted way too late for the intial posting). check out ciao ciao