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  1. First, I would like to start off by saying that I have worked my way through nursing school like any other nursing student. I have my ADN with many years of CNA experience. I'm currently working towards my BSN I lived in the Chicago area all of my life, but I have never felt so let down in all my life. I can't land a job!! I have 2 kids to take care of and bills to pay. My husband has been a blessing to support the familythrough it all but enough is enough. I must have sent out hundreds upon hundreds of applications and resumes. I can't afford to have my resume rewritten professionally. Most of my classmates have jobs. Any advice???
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  3. by   Marshall1
    Since you have expereince as an aide and an LPN what about staffing agencies? Hospice? Home health? Think outside the hospital/LTC arena. Good luck - I hope you find something soon.
  4. by   lisa0615
    I have 7 years experience as a cna but everyone tells me I need a year of nursing experience for home health, hospice, etc. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I can't get a year experience if I can't get hired. I'm trying to stay optimistic.:spin:
  5. by   Rogers Park_Ed RN
    I graduated in May 2011 and like you I sent out/ filled out hundreds and hundreds of resumes/ applications. I interviewed for 2 positions, the 1st interview was in Central Illinois for an ED RN and the 2nd interview was for Aggressive Adult Male Behavioral Health. Both interviews went well, I chose the ED position because I'd rather work in the ED in Central IL over Aggressive Adult Male Behavioral Health. It is tough to get an RN position in the Chicago area without RN experience and/or a BSN.

    With kids and a husband, I assume you can't just move to take a position far away. My advice is to apply to every position you see. There are positions on Craigslist for corporate healthscreening and things like that where you can stay busy and make some money. Also, they are something to put on your resume.

    When I started my RN program, everyone said there's a need for RNs but my job search experience tells me otherwise. From your experience, sounds like you would agree with me. I wish you luck.
  6. by   Nursing_chick
    I don't know all that you have applied to, try doing searches on your very little hospitals in and around Chicago. I graduated 3 years ago & was in a tough position to find a job, I'm a NW suburbs girl and I ended up having to go to the West side ghetto hospital to get my experience. The place I started was Sacred Heart Hospital ... its a very tiny inner city hospital that serves the community. I know they are ALWAYS looking for people ... I can't say that its the best place you will ever work, but there are some really good people that I enjoyed worked with there and there is of course the craziness of the hospital itself. I would consider it a challenging place, I'm not saying the ratios are always the best & the technology is not the most up todate ... heck, a couple of their med/surg beds still have 3 people to a room. But if you can stick out a year there ... you will have better luck moving to a bigger hospital when you get a year underneath your belt. Good luck with your search!!
  7. by   joanie2341
    Have you reached out to people you know that are in healthcare? Don't be afraid to ask friends/family members to ask their managers. What about asking your former classmates?

    Keep on trying! I know it's not easy out there. Most of the people from my clinical group still don't have jobs after graduating in December. I was lucky enough to get an externship last summer so I was offered a job at the hospital where I was an extern.

    Nursing_chick makes a good point. Try small hospitals or LTC facilities.

    List of hospitals in Illinois - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. by   PrayToTheUnicorn
    What about Sinai? They need people as it's located in a more underserved community.
    I think in order to know what you're doing "wrong" you should go to your school and talk with the career counselors. They probably have someone who can help you edit your resume as well. They may be able to figure out what your weak area(s) is compared to other graduates who went on to jobs more quickly and will be most objective with you.
  9. by   lisa0615
    Thank you so much! I did find a job in Indiana. It is alittle "ghetto", but I like the experience.
  10. by   PrayToTheUnicorn
    Great! Congrats! It definitely is good experience.
  11. by   pedsluv
    No offense,In a profession such as nursing..Being employed at "ghetto" healthcare facility is irrelevant.Nursing is a people oriented profession,which means nurses should actual prefer settings where there is a great NEED. This is just my opinion.