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Has anyone else applied to DePaul's MENP program for the Fall 2011 term? If so, has anyone heard back from them?... Read More

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    That is unfortunate alycat. I have only one prereq left as well and still haven't received the letter. Hopefully I hear something today. But at least they did not deny admission. *Bright Side*
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    I haven't gotten a letter, they just emailed me. Did they actually say you were accepted for the winter or that they would review your application again for the winter? My email basically said that because I have so many prerequisites in progress (3 out of the 4 :/) they cannot make a decision on my application for the fall, so they will review my application for the winter term
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    I am definitely accepted for the winter quarter, according to this letter. It says that hopefully receiving a definite decision for the winter will be helpful to me, despite the fact that I applied for the fall. I have two prerequisites complete, am taking one now, and will take one over the summer.
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    P.S. I have not received any email yet, just the letter.
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    I just declined my acceptance and admissions said that they will offer my spot to someone on the waiting list by email. So if you are waiting for a spot, check your email and good luck!
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    when is the deadline for fall 11, or winter 11?
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    has anyone who has been accepted to the fall 2011 menp program thought about class registration or moving down to the area?
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    I was just going to ask the same thing. On my campus connect, it says I can enroll this week but when I call the nursing dept. to ask them which classes I'm supposed to put in my schedule, they don't know, or transfer me, or give me someone's voicemail. Does anyone have any more clarification in the registration process?
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    I have also called DePaul regarding class registration. I don't exactly know what classes I need but I was very briefly told that it would be very similar to the "sample program of study" posted on the MENP website. According to the other threads, it seems that we would need to take the following three courses (two labs included) for the first semester: N301, N322, N332. Two labs seem like a lot but I guess it's a great way to get us into our study modes. I wish I had better information but I haven't been getting much luck getting information from DePaul. Let me know if anyone knows anything more! Also, for the people entering MENP this fall, I suggest we start a facebook group or something to get to know each other better and share our anticipation and excitement for the fall! I'm excited to meet all of you!
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    Hi, I have been accepted to menp program for fall and have decided to go there. Is anyone looking for a place to live or share near Depaul?
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    Hi everyone

    I'm interested in applying to DePaul's MENP Fall 2012 session but just was curious for those of you accepted into the Fall 2011 what your GPA was. This is the only thing I am nervous about that could hold me back from being admitted. I know the program is competitive and was just wondering what the applicant pool looks like. Congrats to all of those admitted!!