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  1. by   Jenn5980
    Hi All,

    I have been accepted to DePaul (!!!) and am excited about the opportunity. I am from CA so this would be a big move for me. I am waiting to hear back on a few schools in CA, but I'm leaning toward DePaul because it's a MSN program (and why not try a whole new city?!). I've called the school a few times and everyone is sooo nice! Very encouraging. Does anyone know:

    1) How many students are in the Fall cohort?
    2) Do nursing students work part time? Are there nurse externships?
    3) What is the starting wage for an RN in Chicago?
    4) Is a car necessary? Recommended?
    5) Any current DePaul students... what do you like and dislike about DePaul?
    6) Does the school/nursing assoc assist in finding roommates?

    OK, that's probably enough questions for now. Thanks in advance!
  2. by   baystudent
    Hey Jenn5980, I am also in California and will be moving for this program! Where in California are you? I'm in the bay area...if you're here too I'm open to meeting up!

    I've spoken with several people who live or have lived in Chicago and they say a car isn't necessary.
  3. by   Jenn5980
    Hey Bay, I'm in Sacramento, so not too far from the bay area. I haven't even been to Chicago so I'm thinking about taking a trip in late May after my semester ends. Unfortunately I am not able to attend the orientation since my sister is getting married that weekend, but perhaps I can get a tour and/or the materials from the orientation after the fact.
  4. by   price.lm
    Hi Jenn5980,

    I went to an information session about the program a little while ago, and this is what I learned:

    1. There are 55-60 students in each cohort.
    2. The two nursing students who spoke to us said it is possible to work part time, but you might want to wait a quarter and see what the course load is like/how you manage. The one student who did work part time waited tables for about 10-15 hours a week. They didn't cover any sort of externships, but you do intern at a hospital of your choice for 25 hours a week in the last quarter. The program director said that most students receive job offers from the hospitals they interned at after they graduate. Also, if you're interested, the school does offer a $10,000 scholarship for minority students in nursing, if that applies to you.
    3. From what I can tell, the starting wage for an RN in Chicago is at least $60k, but it depends on where you work.
    4. I've lived here for about six years, and a car is not necessary! I find it helpful for large grocery trips and taking my dog to the vet, and that is the only time I ever use it.
    5. I received an MA from DePaul in 2009 (obviously didn't work out haha!), and, while this might not apply to the MENP, I really like the service-oriented aspects of DePaul. I want to work in community health, so that is DePaul's main appeal to me. Also, and this is more on the administrative side, their grad department and financial aid offices are so great. Very responsive and helpful!
    6. At the info session, they said the nursing assoc does not assist in finding roommates, and what a lot of student do is sublet for the first quarter; then, they can usually find someone in the program who is interested in finding a roommate, too. Also, there are some apartments near campus that a lot of DePaul students live in--they have more of a dorm-like feel, so it's a good way to meet people.

    I feel like I'm inundating this post, haha! Anyway, hope this helps
  5. by   mdecas
    According to Depaul's Nursing Admissions, DePaul offers the MS with a major in nursing not MSN (which is awarded by a school of nursing rather than the University) ... does anyone know if this will be beneficial or hurt our chances finding work in hospital/clinical settings? I know hospitals have special degree requirements for nurses. i was not sure a MS in Nursing is treated the same as an MSN or was even recognized by top clinical sites outside of DePaul's relations. just curious.
  6. by   Jenn5980
    Price, thanks for all the detailed information - very helpful!
  7. by   wahhhnders
    I put my in my intent to enroll a number of weeks ago. I got the email about doing the program at Rosalind Franklin but I'm not really interested.

    Anyone get the "formal" invitation to the orientation? I want to plan and make sure its that May 17th date.
  8. by   bboyd87241
    Hello All..

    I am new to the forum.. Congratulations to all who were accepted.

    I received my acceptance packet and submitted my intent to enroll form, but have yet to receive the email invite to the orientation.
    Is orientation mandatory? Any Chicago natives/locals willing to give advice on where to live off campus? I live in Tallahassee, FL and intend on visiting Chicago in the next couple months to find a place to live and learn the city a bit..

    Look forward to meeting you all..
  9. by   mdecas
    @bboyd lincoln park, wrigleyville, belmont area are great/safe/friendly neighborhoods. rogers park is more affordable living for bigger apartments. depends what youre looking for.
  10. by   rykki
    @mdecas, Here's a link that will answer your question, if you haven't already come across it.
  11. by   charnele23
    @oh191 I got accepted to Depaul MENP program for the Fall 2013, Im nervous but excited!
  12. by   illini44
    Hi all,
    Congrats to those who got in! Does anyone know around when we can start registering for our classes?
  13. by   sharmondepaul
    Hi All:

    Congratulations to all of you on your acceptance to DePaul's Master's Entry to Nursing Practice (MENP) program! I work in the Office of Graduate Admission at DePaul. An email invitation for orientation will be sent out this week. Orientation will be on Friday, May 17 with an optional open house and tour of the simulation lab in the School of Nursing from noon-1:30pm. A formal presentation with faculty, a financial aid representative, and a College of Health and Science student representative will take place at 2pm in the DePaul Welcome Center. You will learn more about the curriculum, clinical experience and general expectations as you begin the program.

    If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact me, Sarah Harmon, at or 773.325.8361. Also we do have two cohorts starting this fall 2013 term at the Lincoln Park Campus and at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, IL (about 40 miles north of the city). Fall 2013 admitted students have the option to choose their cohort location.

    Welcome to DePaul!

    Sarah Harmon
    Associate Director, Graduate Admission