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For those who have applied or have been admitted to the MENP program at DePaul University for the Fall 2013 term.... Read More

  1. by   oh191
    @rykki- I am still waiting to hear back from the rest of my schools but DePaul is probably where I will be! I have a tour scheduled for 2:00 on the 22nd!

    Does anyone know if there is a deposit we need to put down to save our spot in the program?
  2. by   rykki
    @oh191, I submitted my intent to enroll form online and nowhere in the packet or online did it mention a deposit. Unless I just completely missed it! Also, I'm sorry if you tried PM-ing me, it's not working for me at the moment. I would love to join you for the tour on the 22nd at 2pm. Are you meeting in the Welcome Center @ 2400 N. Sheffield Ave?
  3. by   oh191
    Rykki, I will try to PM you again but just in case it doesn't work I think we are meeting at the school of nursing on W. Fullerton. I will double check though!
  4. by   mdecas
    Congratulations everyone! I found out I was accepted this morning. There's no deposit according to the college and first payment for anything is just tuition in September.

    The campus is very pretty and the student body is very diverse (I live a few blocks and use their gym) - and not to mention, located in a beautiful city!
  5. by   rykki
    Wow, congratulations @mdecas! I'd like to hear more about what you have to say about DePaul; I'm very curious. Is housing easy to find around there? Is it affordable?
  6. by   mdecas
    @Rykki thank you very much ... I know two students from DePaul - both alumni and found work right away in downtown Chicago hospitals. Both claimed that DePaul MENP students are looked highly upon - always a plus

    Housing in Lincoln Park/around DePaul's campus is easy to find (best time to look is in the summer when graduates are leaving the area). I live in Wrigleyville - less than a 10 min drive/train ride) from DePaul's main campus and I pay around $850 for a one bedroom with most utilities included. Both Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park are great areas to live in (Lincoln Park, in my opinion is nicer in terms of cleanliness. Wrigleyville is known for its bars and can be a bit noisy on weekend nights if you don't mind that). The people are mostly students and younger crowds like us. The campus is off the Red line train and is accessible by bus if you decide to live further from campus.

    let me know if you have any other questions about the area!
  7. by   rykki
    @mdecas, Thank you your post was very helpful! It was reassuring to hear that DePaul has a good reputation and that alumni were able to find work. If my situation allows it, I'd like to find an apartment in Lincoln Park or a few stops away on the red line. I've been browsing Craigslist just to get an idea of what's out there for the area and it seems pretty pricey. I'd have to find a/some roommate(s) but am kinda not looking forward to searching for strangers.

    @oh191, I'm sorry we haven't been able to PM each other. I'd still like to join you for the tour tomorrow, so if it's still on I will show up at the nursing school at the time you mentioned! Look forward to meeting ya.
  8. by   oh191
    @rykki sounds good! I am Meeting with *******, and I believe he is in suite **** at the school of nursing. Looking forward to meeting you! See you at two.
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  9. by   elaurance
    Hey Everyone!!

    I too was accepted to the DePaul MENP!! I just finished my UIC app but it's much more of a long shot so most likely I'll be in your cohort!

    A few years ago I had a friend of a friend who finished the DePaul program. She found it hard to find work and ended up moving to Arizona(where she found a job) a year after graduating. Maybe it was indicative of the job market a few years ago, but I do hope that's not the problem for us when we graduate!
  10. by   diamond09
    Hello all!

    I received my conditional acceptance letter for the fall 2013 cohort. Has anyone else been accepted who also needs to still complete pre-requisites??
  11. by   baystudent
    Congrats everyone!

    I'm almost positive I'll be accepting my spot for the fall class

    I need advice from everyone who lives in Chicago! I've lived almost my entire life in California, so I'm a bit terrified of the winter that I'll experience once in Chicago. Are there certain wardrobe essentials that most Chicagoans have? Are rain boots useful or unnecessary? I sound like a dork but I'm imagining the worst lol

    I'm quite excited!
  12. by   price.lm
    Hi Everyone!

    I have also been accepted to the program, conditionally, and I will be done with my last prereq in May. I submitted my application before the New Year, and I found out about three weeks later. baystudent, I've lived here for about 6 years, and rain boots/winter boots are a definite must It's been a combo of snow/slush for about 2-3 weeks now. If you have any other questions about neighborhoods or anything, just ask!

    Also, I can't remember who asked, but I got an email that said orientation is May 17 at 2 p.m.
  13. by   elaurance
    Congrats everyone!! Baystudent I'm originally from California too, but I've been in Chicago for about 6 years! Invest in some sorel boots and a down jacket and you'll be good! Just remember to layer. The first winter is pretty rough, then you get used to it!