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CNA classes being offered anywhere?? - page 2

I was wondering if anyone knows where CNA classes or prgorams are being offered in NW Indiana or IL. It is to much money to go to a community college so if you could PLEASE HELP it would be greatly... Read More

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    I did my CNA program in May/June of this year for $600. It is a 5 week program @ Samland Institute by 100th/Western. It include books & gait belt. You have to get your own scrubs & get your medical exam. Lala bee is correct, there is a $200 down payment & pay the rest as you go before the end of the class. It is a nice program, you learn a lot in a fast period of time. I would recommend it, good luck!!
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    hey my name is lydia and ik these posts are old but can somebdy plz let me kno abt a 500.00/600.00 cna class. cna is all I want to do besides begin a rn but I need a job now I hve 3kids n no job ugh I cnt do this plz hlp reply somebdy leave a post or email me aww I havent started class for rn yet mabe next year!
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    iam woundering if anybody even still looking for a cna class cuz all posts I see are 2/3 yrs old. are pleo
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    sorry phone cut off but im woundering if people still come on this site looking for hlp?
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    aww I live in chicago il I forgot to write that!
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    i am n i live in hammond, indiana