CMK Healthcare LPN Program

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    My friend is looking at attending an LPN school soon and she found out about CMK's LPN program. The cost of tuition is around $15,000 and the program is for 10 months.

    CMK also has an agreement with Saint Xavier University to accept CMK's classes for their LPN-BSN program.

    Does anyone have any more info on this school?

    Edit: Can a staff member please move the thread to the IL program discussion forum? Thank you.

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    Bump! Nobody has any more info?
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    visit the website for more information. they are offering the whole program for 15,000. students must have the following pre requisites: anatomey physiology, medical terminology, college and english math. they do offer ap and med term in house. They are offering the program in both locations Westmonet and Glendale heights, il
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    Thank you. The lady left me a voice mail saying the program cost $15,000 and you need to leave a $2,000 deposit before the class starts. You pay the remaining balance with 10 payments of $1,300. They don't offer any finalcial aid at this time.
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    could anyone give me the contact number to cmk...thank you
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    I have been looking into them . I just want to make sure they are legit with the state of IL. . Is the program accredited ?
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    I would love to hear from any grads or others who know about this school .
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    Ok - here is the listing for approved LPN programs in the state of IL and yes, CMK is listed:

    State of Illinois, Illinois Center for Nursing - Education Opportunities

    Here are the graduation rates for LPN programs in IL:

    And here are the pass rates for nursing programs in IL:

    Apparently, CMK is a new program in 2009.

    Personally, if you are going to spend $15,000, I would just get an RN. However, if the waiting times are lengthy then plan to do the LPN and go STRAIGHT into an RN program.
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    Those listings are helpful . Thank you for posting .

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