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I was wondering if anyone has information about this school? I spoke with admissions and they do not have a waiting list so all I would have to do is pass an exam and I can start in July. The school... Read More

  1. by   KK4YOU
    Quote from dmfisher86

    I am actually in their program right now. I know exactly how you feel. I was a little speculative too, but the program is GREAT! They are fully accredited and they will make you work. My older sister is finishing her BSN right now, and I had her look at it, and she gave her approval. They offer all the gen eds through the school because it is an accelerated 3 year BSN program if you come in with nothing done. That's why you don't have to have any pre-reqs done. They do expect you to have done well prior to entering there though. It's definitely not like an "oh you failed this class, but we are going to let you in anyway" kind of program. They want quality. The St. Louis campus is very well known around that area, and this program is hoping for the same thing. Their goal is to have an NCLEX pass rate above 90% on the first time around (I think that's what it is for the St. Louis campus.) They are definitely fans of NCLEX style questions on their tests. Our second exam in Health and Wellness was definitely the types of questions you will see on the boards. We also have an NCLEX style when it comes to taking the test as in everything in front of the room, cell phone in front of you and off, and pretty much nothing but your pencils in front of you. The girls are all wonderful too as well as the teachers. The nurses and instructors want you to succeed. It's definitely not an easy program and not everyone is getting A's in their classes, but everyone works very hard to get good grades so it gets intimidating. I definitely would say come check it out and see for yourself. I recommend it and definitely think it's worth applying. Hope this helps!

    I have a couple questions in regards to this program. Does this program require alot of public speaking in front of the class? I get major anxiety with this....I dont see why they would....but I just had to ask lol. Also overall would you recomend this program knowing what you know now? Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks for all your help!!
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    I am currently enrolled at the Addison campus and love it!! The pre-exam was difficult but they curve it and i ended up getting a 86%, which my advisor was very happy with. I only found it difficult because I hadn't been in highschool in 9 yrs and wasn't used to that sort of test-taking. My medical assisting courses were a little more simple, more clinical.
    Anywho, I love this school and I think the money is weel worth it. You just have to be very dedicated, being that it is an accelerated course.
    Good Luck to All!!
  3. by   pamski0069
    Hello everyone. I applied for chamberlain addison campus.. I got an 86.8% on my hesi... 3.2 GPA. I just recieved an e mail with an my offical credit audit for my classes that will transfer... and I must say I am pretty happy with the outcome... 32 credts transfer!! WOOOT! Anywho.. my question is how long do they call you after you get this audit?? Should I expect it a week after the e mail or is there really no set time?
  4. by   lfalcon100
    Quote from Roxy0628
    I was wondering if anyone has information about this school? I spoke with admissions and they do not have a waiting list so all I would have to do is pass an exam and I can start in July. The school is in Addison which would be perfect for me However, I know it is a new campus so I am a little speculative about how easy it is to get in. There are no pre-reqs except you have to have held a GPA of at least 2.75 or higher in all previous college. Does anyone have any advice or info about his school? Any personal experiences? Thank you! :heartbeat

    I am glad am not the only one worried about applying to Chamberlain . I am also planning on going to the Addison branch also for the summer... Am scared of the A2 exam does anyone have any suggestions besides buying the damn book thats like $80? am really excited to finally get inside a nursing school (if i get accepted). Does anyone know if the new students would b able to buy the used books from the previous students? I dont really want to spend like hundreds of $$ in books thanks so much and good luck every one !! <3

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