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Hi, Are there any nursing students from Truman on here? Past or present. I have some questions that I can't seem to find the answer to on their website. 1. Is the admission still "lottery system" based? How would that... Read More

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    Quote from swedishchica05
    Hi everyone. I am so excited I found this forum as Truman is my top choice nursing school and I"m applying for Fall 2012. I only have until February to get my prereqs done. My questions are:::

    1. Do you NEED those classes like Micro, A&P I&II etc to get IN ?
    When you look at the nursing app. checklist it says only Eng 101, Bio, Chem and Math are the prereqs needed to APPLY. (I had eng already, i'm taking bio and chem this semester and I also already have math from another school)
    It's just that I've seen a lot of students in the program or applying take those extra classes as well (and I know it gives you a better chance of getting in), but are they REQUIRED? Do many students take Micro, Pharm, etc. WHILE IN nursing school? (Is that really hard to do?)

    I got into the applying process late as I just realized the deadline was Feb and luckily I was able to still register for those prereq classes for this semester .

    So far in Feb. at the deadline I will have done prereqs,(just the 4) have a CNA license and CNA work experience, hospital volunteer experience and probably around a 3.0 to 3.5 GPA (total during all my college courses), plus have a couple letters of recommendation and will have scored well on COMPASS reading (not worried about that at all).

    WHat do you think my chances are of getting in without taking all these extra courses that a lot of students take?

    Sorry that was so long. Any advice appreciated

    Hi, Swedishchica05. All of the city colleges nursing programs, Truman included, have revised their admission requirements. From what I gathered from the last orientation, all of the city colleges work on a point system. You can calculate your points by multiplying your grade in the class by the number of credit hours each class is worth. Therefore, the more classes you take (and get B or above), the better your chances are to get into the program. This year, the lowest score admitted was around a 90. To answer your question, no anatomy & physiology 1 & 2 and microbiology were not *required*; however, the students who were admitted this year had already taken them.

    The criteria you might have seen for Truman were probably not updated because now you do not get extra points for possessing a CNA certificate, nor do you get extra points for any of the extra classes suggested (medical terminology & pharmacology). Previously, the Truman nursing program operated on a lottery and students who only took the minimal required courses (at the time, even chemistry wasn't required) were able to get into the program and had to take the anatomy and microbiology courses while in nursing school. It's not impossible, but it's very difficult. One of my friends who graduated from the Truman nursing program last year did that. She worked very diligently and was able to pass the anatomy and microbiology courses as well as her nursing courses. She described it as hell, but she got through.

    However, things are different now. Like I mentioned before, all of the city colleges have revised their nursing program requirements. They all operate on a point system. I'm not quite sure if the required courses will now include the anatomy courses and microbiology, but taking those courses and getting a B or better will most definitely improve your chances of getting in. I am not an advisor, but I would think you would definitely improve your chances of getting in by taking those courses before applying to the program. Yes, it might take another year, but not only will you get those classes out of the way, you will also expand your fund of knowledge needed for the nursing program.

    Hope this information helps! If anything, you should definitely talk to an advisor as well as the nursing department at the college you wish to attend. They will be more than happy to answer your questions. Truman college also hosts information sessions throughout the semester. I myself have attended an information session before. The information sessions personally helped me understand what I needed to do during the application process.

    Well, good luck on your classes and best of luck in the nursing admission process!

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    Quote from GT-R
    I would recommend not to get the ENTIRE book bundle. There are way too many books in that bundle that you will never use during your years in the program. I would recommend to only get the very important ones such as the fundamentals, drug book, med-surg(dunno if it's still Lewis), etc.. I would buy them seperately from or amazon. You will save a ton of money this away. Seriously, I wish someone could have gave me this tip before buying that bundle. If you need to know which books will be the utmost important for the first year, then I would ask a freshman nursing instructor. I know it may be easier to just buy everything from Becks, but if you want to save some money, then take my tip.

    Btw, I graduated from Truman in May and just recently passed the NCLEX in the first try. Good luck to all of you who are entering and currently in the program!!
    GT-R, I know this is a year since you posted this. I'm just starting to realize what you're saying about how there are way too many books in the bundle they wanted us to get that we won't even be using. I ordered my books online and it would be wonderful if you can recall which books you never used. I am thinking of returning some supplementary books!! I hope you still log on to this forum now and then. Looking forward for your reply!!!!
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    Hello everyone i am new to this website and so far i have found it very helpful. Im reading everyones comments and noticed many of you recommend taking a pharmacology course, if so which one 103 or 104? I also have all my prereqs done already and will be applying to truman and daley this fall. I have to get my application in by december because one of my prereqs expires then. Is it a good idea to take pharmacology after submitting my application or should i not bother. That would mean i would take it in spring.
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    is it true they are only looking at only 3 classes
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    Hi, Vanny815 =) Pharmacology is a recommended course, but I think taking health assessment would be a better course to take. Both pharmacology 103 & 104 are only offered in the summer session (at Truman college, anyway..not sure about other city colleges). In nursing 101 you will learn a little bit about oral medications, but you will learn more about medications in nursing 102. I took pharmacology in the summer of 2010, but it was calculations in pharmacology (103); you didn't really learn about all of the medications, just conversions/dimensional analysis. I can't say much about pharm 104 because I never took it. I think that class is about medications. As for health assessment, you will most definitely utilize skills learned in that class in nursing 101. It will just give you an edge in the class, much like taking a CNA course/working as a CNA would.

    Now for the, they aren't only looking at 3 classes. They look at all of the classes you have taken as a whole. They do focus more on the science courses (biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology I & II, and microbiology). However, as an applicant, you really want the highest grades possible in all of your prerequisite courses because those courses make up your foundation and prepare you for the nursing program.

    Hope this helps..good luck in the application process! =)
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    Thanks so much for you help really really appreciate it

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