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Anyone else applying for Harper Spring 2011? Just took my NLN yesterday and planning to apply as soon as I get results. We had to evacuate the building in the middle of the math section because of a false fire alarm and it really... Read More

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    My first semster I already took microbiology and psychology so I only have patho and the nursing classes to focus on. This summer before the program I am taking Advanced Pharmacology to get it out of the way so I only have the remaining classes to focus on.

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    I also got in for fall 2011!!!!
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    congrats!!! were you at the orientation last night? it was scary but good to finally get some more information!
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    No, I wasn't there I'm going to the one in July. I wish I could of gone last night because I would like more information!! How was it?
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    It was alright, kind of stressful learning about the grading scale and having to have an average of a 76 on all tests before assignments/papers and such. we basically just signed a bunch of things and took a computer proficiency test. also we got a tour of the simulation hospital. i am very excited to start but very nervous!=] what is your schedule like for fall?
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    I'm going into my 4th semester at Harper. You girls can do it!! Congratulations to all of you!! Agree with LoveNursing... you MUST stick together because your friends in nursing become all you have.
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    Hey all. I just got accepted for Fall as well. Literally today I found out. So i know nothing. When is the next orientation??? Also, does anyone know when we can register? Congrats to everyone!!! I look forward to meeting everyone!!

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