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Any LPN programs in Illinois?

  1. 0 I wasn't sure if there were LPN programs in Illinois...Do they offer any at the hospitals or just the colleges? Where? Thanks for any direction on this.
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    Welcome to!

    Many of the LPN Programs are at the Community College level. I know of a few in the North part of the state.

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    Can you name some colleges? I'm not from Illinois...Thanks!
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    Off the top of my noggin, Joliet Junior College, Kankakee Community College....the Chicago City Colleges....

    Here is a link to other schools:

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    Illinois Valley Community College in Oglesby has an LPN program...basically you take 1st year of the ADN and then it's a summer course. I took the course before coming back in the fall for the 2nd yr of ADN. It was nice because then I could sit for boards and see what it was like and work as an LPN almost a whole year before getting my RN the following May.
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    What part of IL are you in? There are several schools that offer LPN programs here...
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    I'm in Indiana and trying to find a school near Danville for the LPN program.
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    I'm not sure where Danville is, but Triton Community College in River Grove IL has one.
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    Lake Land College in Mattoon (central IL) has an LPN program.
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    Hello, Springfield, IL has Capital Area School of Practical Nursing. I'm enrolled for the fall class. It's just 9 months long. Anyone else familiar with this school?
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    Check Parkland college in champaign, not sure if they have a program or not. Have you googled yet?
    Try Danville Community College. They are listed as having a program in google. Good luck
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    I think Morton college (in Cicero) has an LPN program. You could check out their
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    Heartland college in Bloomington,Il and Richland college in Decatur, Il both have LPN programs with a bridge program to RN. These are both community colleges.