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Can anyone provide me with feedback about working within the Advocate system? I'm looking at Good Shepherd and wanted to know the real scoop.... Read More

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    OK, I found out I have to wait 6 months :-(
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    I was finally emailed back from advicate i applie to lutheran general. I was so excited bcs this is the first cna/pct job ive applied for and took the assesment and rushed through and failed
    Most of it was very odd specially the what are you most and least questions :/. Iwas also contacted by one of their Hr persons and ha a little ohone interview which seemed like it went well until it came to talking about the assesment which ended our convo and hung up -.-! I re took it an passed which was weird since i answered mostly the same i then called back and was given an interview which was later cancelled bcs of the first assessment now im stuck waiting 6 months and exactly on my birthday i can be considered again lol
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    They are funny, Advocate I mean. They want to make themselves appear to be just like that popular nightclub downtown with a line around the building waiting to get in.

    Once you get in, you find it's just a dive, haha.

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