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Hi guys, Wanted everyone to know that I got my letter in the mail...So excited!! Starting the program in Jan. 2010...What a great way to start off the new year!!!:yeah::dance::heartbeat Does anyone know anything about the... Read More

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    Ive been accepted into Methodist as well...We will be classmates Vanasd Im excited, happy, nervous, elated and scared all at the same time!!!

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    Quote from vanasd

    thanks so much....What is it like living in the peoria area..I am thinking of just staying on campus because I do not know anything about the area.I will be coming from out of state.

    congrats on your acceptance i just got my letter from OSF on sat DDDDD fall '10

    i just moved here about 6months ago from Miami,fl... so dont feel bad about being from out of state. I do know this about peoria. the area around methodist/osf... is downtown so its like any downtown area...homelesses (havent spotted one yet) , and its not so nice at night. I live in East Peoria, which is if you take that big bridge across the river you'll be in my part of town. its a 3mile drive to the hospital. cant beat that

    i do know you'll want to stay clear of a street called western for SURE. however most of your pts will come from that street and the surrounding area.

    anyways... congrats again...
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    Hey congrats to you both. I'm actually a student at OSF - doing a second post-MSN certificate. Worked there in the ER for 10 years - fantastic hospital - will have a wonderful peds experience.

    Yes, yes, yes to the assessment of the neighborhood - not safe after dark at all. Unemployment is high (12.5% per the news this week) so some people are desperate. I currently work for the large nephrology practice and do work in the south end but am very, very careful. The main street in the south end is Western and no, you probably don't want to be out walking there after dark.

    However, if you have some street smarts you will do fine. East Peoria is great - however, the bridges do ice up in the winter and you have to allow a little extra travel time.

    Welcome to Peoria!
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    Congrats Vanasd & Butterfly913!!!
    I have been accepted to both Methodist and OSF and I have not decided which one I want to go to yet. I am going to go to the open houses. I am also waiting to hear back from others too. I live in Bloomington and that will be about a 45min commute but I don't think that will be too bad. I was debating about whether or not I should move to P-town or not to avoid the commute but after reading this I think I will just take the morning drive time as an opportunity to greet the day with a huge mug of caffeine and avoid the hassle of moving to a less than satisfactory area.
    Congrats again, I am so happy for you both!!!
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    Thanks IzzyKat...Congrats to you as well on your acceptance, Did you get accepted to the Accelerated Program at Methodist or the Traditional?
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    The traditional at both. I will have all my pre-reqs done by spring and will graduate with my A.A. then so I will transfer for Fall 2010 the 2yr program. I just need to decide which one. I am looking forward to the open houses though. I have friends who have decided to go to each and they are very sold on the schools for their own reasons so I will just have to have a look and see for myself :spin:
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    Please tell me your thoughts on MCON. I am accepted to attend in Jan. 2010. How is the school, teachers, area? I am accepted into the ABSN program.

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