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Accepted into Methodist College of Nursing Peoria Accelerated BSN Program - page 2

Hi guys, Wanted everyone to know that I got my letter in the mail...So excited!! Starting the program in Jan. 2010...What a great way to start off the new year!!!:yeah::dance::heartbeat Does... Read More

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    Congrats Vanasd & Butterfly913!!!
    I have been accepted to both Methodist and OSF and I have not decided which one I want to go to yet. I am going to go to the open houses. I am also waiting to hear back from others too. I live in Bloomington and that will be about a 45min commute but I don't think that will be too bad. I was debating about whether or not I should move to P-town or not to avoid the commute but after reading this I think I will just take the morning drive time as an opportunity to greet the day with a huge mug of caffeine and avoid the hassle of moving to a less than satisfactory area.
    Congrats again, I am so happy for you both!!!
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    Thanks IzzyKat...Congrats to you as well on your acceptance, Did you get accepted to the Accelerated Program at Methodist or the Traditional?
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    The traditional at both. I will have all my pre-reqs done by spring and will graduate with my A.A. then so I will transfer for Fall 2010 the 2yr program. I just need to decide which one. I am looking forward to the open houses though. I have friends who have decided to go to each and they are very sold on the schools for their own reasons so I will just have to have a look and see for myself :spin:
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    Please tell me your thoughts on MCON. I am accepted to attend in Jan. 2010. How is the school, teachers, area? I am accepted into the ABSN program.