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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    Thanks Katja for creating the boards!!!!!
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    Congratulations nursinghereicome2012!
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    Yay! Congrats nursinghereicome!
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    Katja I was thinking the same thing with the "disregard the first email" business...

    I think you were right though, she probably made a mistake with the heading and needed to change it because the same email will be going to students in all programs.

    Either way I'm super excited and so happy for all of us who have been accepted and those who have yet to be accepted, LOL!
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    I truly don't believe it! I thought I would never be able to take part in this thread but here I am. I was accepted last night. I don't care how it happened but it did. I am so excited and can't wait to see all of you in class!

    Congrat's to everyone.
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    Thanks for the update on the schedule - that's kind of what I figured, but it's nice to have it confirmed!

    nursinghereicome congratulations!
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    Congratulations Bethany1975!!! Which school?
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    Thanks all! Congrats Bethany!!!!!!!Does anyone know where we can get a good price on the health carr provider CPR?
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    Truman. Thank goodness.
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    Congrats Bethany! Congrats to everyone! Although I'll be across the way at Daley, I wish all you guys the best as we begin this exciting and scary journey known as nursing school!

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