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Hi all! I've started this thread for those of us who have gotten the good news and have been accepted to start the nursing program at Truman College in Fall 2012! If you are still waiting to hear, I would suggest visiting the... Read More

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    Anyone still looking to switch from days to evenings? I would like to have day classes if anyone's willing to switch.
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    Marrajess: please email me: or call 6083356128. I can def switch. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone, I just spoke with the clinical coordinator at Truman (didn't catch her name) and she said that the background check we submitted for our application in February is all we need for now. In December we will need a new background check and we will find out more then. She is also supposed to email me info on the 10 panel drug screen test. I will post that info when I get it.
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    ok, here is the info from the clinical coordinator at truman, ms. walker. fun!

    "good morning jessica,
    it was a pleasure to speak with you this morning. here is the information you requested below:

    cpr associates, inc. website is
    continuing education department at truman college 773-907-4440
    chicago’s pulse and the website is
    malcolm x college emt program: offers classes for $50.00, contact them at 312-850-7410

    titers and the 10 panel drug screen can be obtained from your healthcare provider. if you do not have a health care provider some services can be obtained through mercy works lab and testing at the following locations:

    mercy works lab testing sites
    mercy works at 3316 s. ashland, chicago, il 60608 (773) 254-2133
    mercy works at 2600 s. michigan, chicago, il 60616 (312) 567- 2979
    mercy works at 4900 n. cumberland, chicago, il 60706 (708) 583-1524

    fees as of today but subject to change:

    10 panel urine drug screen $32.00

    mmr titer- $100.00

    varicella titer -$100.00

    hepatitis b antibody titer- $38.00

    please view website:

    then click on occupational health for prices and locations
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    marrajess: thanks for the update! Here is another website to CRP classes downtown Chicago (Harold Washington Library seems like an attractive choice) Chicago, IL : Chicagoland CPR & Safety Training LLC.
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    Thanks for all of the info everyone.

    How many of you are going to get another background check done?
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    Bethany1975: just spoke with clinical coordinator. I was told that we do not need to do criminal background check now as we did that for application to the program. However, we will need to re-due it before January of 2013 as criminal background check expires after a year (we will be reminded about that later on once the semester starts).
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    Thanks so much, sskrips.

    I think I'm all ready to go with everything then. I just have to go back to my doc in two weeks for the second half of the TB test. I took the CPR class last Sunday and got my certification.

    I even bought a stethoscope at the other day because it was on sale. I got the Littmann Classic II SE for $65.

    I can't wait to hear when orientation is and meet all of you!
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    Well, as further proof that this whole process is making me lose my mind, I was signed up for the CPR class in Evanston this evening but totally forgot! I actually thought it was tomorrow but went online to check "just to be sure". Well, now I'm sure! I really hope that they'll let me transfer the registration fee to the next class offered. BUT it's June 20th, 6 days past the stated deadline! I don't want to lose the money so I don't want to sign up for another one! Especially because the 10-panel drug screen at RUSH (where I ended up going, by the way, all of you non-insure folks. They offer a 67% discount to residents) will end up costing me much more than the $32 at the place mentioned above! AND I'm not even sure it has all of the drugs required on the checklist. So I may have to do it again anyway!

    If I bought a stethoscope right now, I might just choke myself with it!

    Serenity now!
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    I just want to thank everyone for posting up all these information and letting everyone know what are the next steps to this program. Although the school and the nursing coordinators are supposed to be the ones to keep the students informed with recent updates, I feel they are very unprofessional and unorganized. May 14th's newsletter never showed up in my inbox (did u guys received one?) I have to constantly rely on u wonderful people posting up what are the next steps needed to complete the registration process. Information such as needing to sign up for the CPR classes and health examinations and the hours of classes and clinicals. I've tried calling the school and spoke with different people and all they kept telling me was "the information will be sent to u thru email" ... gee thanks for nothing. So anyways, again thank u all for the information shared. I look forward to having class with u this fall!

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